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 Element transmited to skills by weapons
There could be two problems. One, you didn't configure the right dummy elements in the dummy_elements array. Two, that code is not executed, that is there is some other script after it that replaces it.
Double check the numbers you put in the dummy_elements array. Try also adding a line like this:
p "checkpoint"
in the middle. It will print a message if that code is executed. If you don't see any message, it's better if you send me a demo.
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i have followed your instructions and put the print code for attack dummy ele + skill dummy ele.
when using skill i got the message.
when using normal attack, no message.
haha... ok, again you got it right Charlie ;)
there is a script below by BS called advanced actor status that allow multi weapon use
or 2 hands and that re-write the dmg algorithm

i have insert the code you advised before in this second script ans now it is all fixed.
gee that was hard but thank you !

if you have time to look at my previous topic about "icon near ennemy name" in battle window... i think i m done with problems related to BS.
thanks again... you rock !
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oh and... i forgot to say...
Charlie you're gona have a special thanks in my game credits for having issue the elements system script !
thanks again dude !
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Thanks. I'm going to have a look to that "icon near enemy name" thread as soon as I can.
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hi ! sorry to bring this toppic back.. just got a problem that i didnt think about before...

is it possible to add Element to ennemy normal attack ?
for example, can we setup in scripts something like ennemy # 3 will have normal physical attack taged with element # 2 ?

thank you !
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i ve found the solution so just in case someone got the same problem i had i will post it.

the change must be made in the Game_Ennemy script, around line 150 look for
the code

def element_set
    return []

inside the [] of the "return []" enter the id of the element of your database that you want to grant to enemy normal attack.

hope it helps ^.^
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Good job. I'm sorry I've been kinda busy with other stuff...
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lol Charlie... you did so much already.. thank you !
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