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 AUDIO FIX - Battle Animations
AUDIO FIX - Battle Animations
Version: 1.03

This sucker is pretty self explanatory. I just have a variable pre-defined in Game_System that holds the current Sound Effect value (0 to 100). This module adjusts the volume of the Sound being played in the Battle Animations based on the value stored IN Game_System.

Without it, you will only adjust the volume of the music and sound effects OTHER than battle animations.

Audio effect, guys....


In two small parts...
Part 1: The adjustable variables
Part 2: The MEAT!

Take note that the Audio.se_play line in the 2nd half says...

Quote:se.volume * $game_system.se_volume / 100

It takes the current volume that the animation is set at, then multiplies it by the value we've given it. True, that would BLAST OUR EARS OFF. But we then divide the volume's value by 100, thus decreasing it properly. We couldn't multiply the value by a percentage as the script probably wouldn't accept fractions or decimal values, so I did this instead.

This script rewrites the animation module to allow for audio control. If anyone edits the audio module... be forewarned. After that, ANYTHING else should work.

[Image: xp_warning.png]
Image has link to Enterbrain's Download Page
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