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 Equipment Weights
Equipment Weights
Version: 2.0

This script allows you to assign a weight to your equipment and how much each actor can carry at once, If the actor equips stuff to heavy then either 1) They can't equip it 2) Their stats are reduced. This script also lets you setup a curve so that the amount they can carry increases with level. This script also comes with a conversion function so you can either your swords in one unit while rings and hats in another.

[Image: screeniezh6.png]

Download Here

If not using SDK then remove the SDK test lines and the last end of every script Setup, Edits to Classes, and Equip Windows

Instructions are given in the Setup script.

Note: Permission granted by Trickster to post:
Quote:And if you post what you have now of my stuff then you don't have the latest versions. I'm too lazy/busy to post stuff.
As this is his material, it is deletable upon his request. Due to his current absense, no support is available. Please do not PM or eMail him for support.

SDK complaint but not dependent

Requires MACL V1.5 or greater

Incompatible with my and G777's Multi-Equip Script
Although I do plan on merging this with mine

Credits and Thanks
Twilight for Requesting
BlueScope for ragging on my design :D
Kuri$u for suggestions

Author's Notes
There might be a few Float Hiccups in the conversion method.

Note: If using the can't equip option. It doesn't check if you use the Change Equipment event command and starting equipment for the start of the game and test battle

Terms and Conditions
Hey, I posted this publicly. You can use it. What do you expect? But if you do use it, I do expect you to spell my name correctly in your game. And yes you can use it in commercial games too.
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