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 Battle Help Window
Battle Help Window
Version: 1.0

This script seriously adds a Battle Help Window for Phase 4, this replaces the original help window and it looks a bit more neat in my serious opinion

Serious Screenshots


Seriously missing...

Just add above main, if you can't do that you seriously need help seriously

No longer awaiting serious questions

Note: Permission granted by Trickster to post:
Quote:And if you post what you have now of my stuff then you don't have the latest versions. I'm too lazy/busy to post stuff.
As this is his material, it is deletable upon his request. Due to his current absense, no support is available. Please do not PM or eMail him for support.

Seriously compliant with SDK 2.x (Serious Development Kit)

Credits and Thanks
Yeyinde for the serious styled post seriously!

Author's Notes
I'm serious that this was scripted in less than hour Seriously a part of MVCBS (Multi View Custom Battle Serious System) and yes I am seriously still working on Version 2.0 Seriously!

Terms and Conditions
Hey, I posted this publicly. You can use it. What do you expect? But if you do use it, I do expect you to spell my name correctly in your game. And yes you can use it in commercial games too.
Thanks given by:

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