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 Where are states located?
I just need to know where the states are stored. What classes and/or defs because for some reason my states are not going away... Not even with recover all.
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  • States.rxdata/rvdata in the Data folder
  • States tab in the database
  • Game_Battler if you're going for scripts
I'm not sure how to actually tinker with them in scripts, but the other two is pretty straightforward.
If all else fails, try replacing the data with a fresh/blank States.r*data, for a last resort!
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Thanks I found it! Now, I just have to spot out what's wrong.
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Do you want me to help with that?
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Umm, I've heard from many people that my setup is a nightmare, so I'm afraid I may have to do this on my own, thank you for asking. Also I think that the MACL may be the problem. But I've tried to un-MACLize (what?) the scripts that require it with no luck.
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People who say that has never seen mine :P
on the other hand, you can also try removing the states one by one with the state change command, or try checking the remove_state definition(latest one) to see if it was overwritten or something
Line 121 in Game_Battler part 2 (XP) handles the removal of states
It's line 494 or something in VX.
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Thanks you actually did help me, i was only looking in the game battler section of the battle system. I didn't notice there was something underneath it overwriting it. So with that said, the problem is fixed!
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Wow. So I actually did help out :o
Congrats on the problem getting fixed :)
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Halfway fixed :lol:. A new problem came up where my skills don't do any damage. I've been doing process of elimination though. So I'll get that stupid chaos causing script.
EDIT: Just as I said this, I fixed the problem. So this case is now resolved completely!
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I just popped in and saw you resolved it. :D

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