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 Audio Problem
Boy oh boy... Soon this support section is going to be full thanks to me. :P

I just need a fix for these two scripts. When ever a sound effect from Dalissa's Battlecry is supposed to happen, the Fmod script says that the file can't be found when it's clearly in the SE folder. Here are the scripts

FMOD Ex Audio

Dalissa's Battlecry

Please help me figure this out. Thank you to anyone who is willing to help.
EDIT: For some reason, code tags make my whole post disappear. I will find find the links in a little bit. Ok, the liks have been posted.
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My dear Yin,

Script placement is key. If you take a look at the FMOD script, you will see that a number of methods (or defs) have been rewritten. Moreso than Dalissa's Battlecry anyway.

Because FMOD performs rewrites, those methods that were rewritten should be placed above most custom scripts.

Dalissa's Battlecry prefers to tack on additional code through a method called 'alias' which does not rewrite the code, but merely adds to it.

Because Dalissa does not rewrite the code, the methods are merely enhanced and the script should be placed 'below' any existing code that it affects.

In short... the order should be:
* FMOD'S 'Game_System*'
* FMOD'S 'Other Classes*'
* Dalissa's Battlecry

I just added Dalissa to the music demo and ran a fun battle with the default battlecry sounds in the script. ;)
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I will try that. :lol:

Hmmm, still didn't work? I even put it in the demo and I wasn't even in battle, I still got an error. What order did you put it in? I tried it above and below the sdk (right above the rtab) with the fmod script above game temp (like it says). It still gives me a file not found. Maybe it's looking in the wrong directory?
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Well, the SDK (and possible MACL) are flat out rewrites and dependent scripts if you use any other SDK systems. They HAVE to come first

RTAB is a rewrite of the default battlesystem, so that should go next.

After that, place FMOD followed by Dalissa

* Dalissa
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Hmm, that can be a problem... My sdk isn't at the top. I'm not using RTAB. Putting the sdk at the top just seems to mess everything up. My sdk is at the bottom with everything else that needs it. LOL I know that's not exactly the best way to go , but I know that is probably the answer to my questions.
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You mean it doesn't follow this pattern?
default scripts

rest of custom scripts...

The SDK rewrites and takes over many functions of the default scripts. If you place the SDK below custom scripts, it will most likely make those custom scripts non-functional.
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:lol: Well, it works pretty well the way it' set up. I've been kind of messing with it. My setup most closely resembles this.

Scene debug
custom scripts
custom scripts

I know many scripters will laugh at this, but everything seems to work and if they don't I've been editing them to work. I even edited some of trickster's scripts to work without sdk and I've heard about how hard it is to do that, but they still needed the macl.
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That... that doesn't make any sense.

I mean, if you have FMOD above the default scripts, any of the 'Game_System' class codes would be overwritten by the default scripts, and likewise. Of course... as I stated... the SDK would rewrite the default scripts which is why FMOD should be below both the default scripts and SDK.

Technically, the FMOD extra stuff shouldn't work with your setup. Odd.
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Maybe it's a glitch.:lol: Hmm, I'll try once again to put the sdk above everything then I'll see how it works. I'll come back with the results. Well, to be honest, I don't have the full SDK. I just have part one and SDK Game character. Maybe that's why.

EDIT: Yeah, when I do that, nothing works.
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Hmmm.... got a cheapo demo for me to look at?

Please note that (hehe) I have dialup, so I'm not talking anything extravagant. Bare minimum with an audio file for testing.
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