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 Eden Resources by Obsession (Some credits to Blastile)
Terms of Use
Quote:-No commercial use. Period.

- You must contact me if you're using my resources in your project. Use my MSN or alternatively e-mail.

-You must credit me with my name on your project SOMEWHERE. Credits do me fine.

-Any modifications to my works most definitely need my consent. The
modifications must respect my wishes as an artist, so no explicit scenes
and violent modifications to my works. There can be exceptions made, so
contact me if interested.

-There are some resources here not made by me, but my incredibly talented
sister, otherwise known as Blastile. She is not confident in the RMing
scene but I have the correct permissions to display her works here under
the same license.

-My works are protected by the creative commons attribution-noncommercial share-alike license.
The Resources:
Misc (Pictures, Menu interface, etc):

The site is a bit untidy, but easy enough to navigate. Hope you like them.
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These are very nice. Ill look through them and definitely will let you know if I want to use any.
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