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Magin Series
[Image: Maginlogo.png]
Abstract- Magin is a series which is currently comprised of two already planned games. The series exemplifies the need for companionship, trust, and loyalty as well as highlighting the struggle which comes from great loss, hard decisions, and conflicting loyalties. It provides a truly player-driven adventure with multiple possible outcomes with varieds twists.
As a game, Magin will provide an adventure where you (the player) really get to decide how the story turns out. Your decisions are even more important than the character-driven decisions built into the story.
Genre- Magin is a character/player-driven fantasy adventure.
Platform- Magin uses RMVX Ace with plans to port to the Enigma Engine as soon as it’s ready.
Distribution- Magin will be distributed at a currently undetermined price through various means. At this time, the only planned way to get the game will be through the Legacy Studios website.
Beta Testing- Right now, we have no idea when we will be able to begin beta. We've started a Kickstarter Project to raise the funds we need to make the game. Once we've raised the money, we'll have a much better idea of how long it'll take to make the game and start beta testing. Helping fund the game is the only way you can reserve a spot in testing. Anyone who asks if they can beta test before we start recruiting testers will automatically go on a list of people not allowed to beta test.
The best ways to get a chance to test are: a)be very active in the community, b)beta test for other projects, c)wait until we start recruiting to ask if you can beta, and d)fund the project.

[Image: TheWorld.png]
The First Monarchs say that watching the world’s birth was like watching a painting stretch across a canvas without painter or brush. They were born with but not of the world and, as such, were able to witness its birth... and wield gifts of great power. One of these represented the physical embodiment of a door which held close a portal to another world; his name was Coeus. When he died, that door opened and allowed free passage between both worlds.
While at first this free passage seemed beneficial to both worlds, the First Monarchs gradually realized it could lead to their world’s destruction. With great sadness, the Monarchs slowly barred passage to different types of people until only humans with open minds, untouched by cynicism and darkness, could pass between the worlds.
Fearing that the common folk of their world would turn against them for this limitation and weary of the responsibility, the First Monarchs cast aside their throne and disappeared into the mists of history. Some of their descendents know of their ancestry and bear it with pride... but most descendents were left in the dark of even their parents’ parts in the world’s history.

[Image: ANewOrder.png]

[Image: TheStory.png]

Alicia, Blaise, and Russel Corneley have grown up with Magin as their secret backyard. They've made friends, changed lives, and have even started trying to change the world. From the time the youngest enters college to the time the oldest realizes that Earth is just not home anymore, the three become known around the world as a good sign of things to come... but when they find that they can no longer return to Earth of their own will, different omens arise and prophecies are uttered.

[Image: TheCorneleySiblings.png]

Family Background

While no one in the Corneley family still speaks Cajun-French or has the accent--except for a couple of great grand parents--her family maintains pride in their roots. The children were given French names and grew up hearing old folk tales. In high school, Alicia decided to learn French--a decision that made her parents and grands very proud. Russel not only took French but also wrote several papers on Cajun culture for his poli-sci and world cultures classes. Blaise took advantage of the school's swim and wrestling teams. He wanted his body to be strong and healthy for his adventures in Magin. Many on the wrestling team thought he could probably be a good b-boy because of how smoothly he moved on the mat. Few people could pin him.
The Corneleys first discovered Magin when they were 11, 10, and 9; but, as the siblings aged, they continued to return frequently. When Blaise won trophies in wrestling and swimming, "the girls" often heard before he even showed his parents; and, when he was accepted into an accelerated pre-med program in high school and needed extra time to study, he often crashed in their manor. Russel had few rewards to show his friends in Magin but spoke often of the classes he was taking and the research he was doing. While her brothers kept their minds firmly planted on Earth and their hearts grew roots in both worlds, Alicia was consumed by her want to help Magin and make it her home. As soon as she was old enough, she found a part time job and poured her money into buying the extras her parents never could... but almost all of these extras tied to her love for Magin: ship magazines and books, hiking boots, heavy coats her parents could never understand her need for and more began filling her room.

Alicia Corneley

Age: 18 or 24
Gender: Female
Home Region: Earth; Florida
Appearance: Alicia sports naturally curly, amber locks that drape just past her shoulders. Her eyes are a nearly golden brown and her cheeks seem to always be slightly flushed. Never one to wear makeup or fiddle with her hair, Alicia Corneley has a rather naturalistic air about her--even when wearing a tshirt and jeans. Within Magin, she adapted very quickly to the style of dress in Bhaile Montir. For battle situations, she wears a jack of plates and heavy leather riding trousers. At her waist, she carries a rapier for offensive protection but prefers to stick at the back of battle situations and has determined she has a bit of talent with a long bow.
Personality: Alicia's personality can be perceived quite differently depending on the environment. Most on Earth see her as a kind girl with her head in the clouds and many comment on how much more she could be doing--like her brothers--if she'd just be grounded. On Magin, however, she is seen as a great visionary and many comment on how commendable it is that she's so firmly grounded in her skills and ambitions. In truth, she is a high spirited young woman with a warm heart and a strong want to give back to the world that gave her so much adventure and life as a child. As a sister, Alicia is normally the most patient oldest child one might ever witness... but when sparks fly, her fuse is short.
Ability: Alicia spent many long hours and years to master the art of shipbuilding... but she had a natural talent for navigation. She always seemed to be able to get people places faster than anyone else. Of course... she built the ships and knew them better than anyone else... why shouldn't she be the best?


Age:17 or 23
Gender: Male
Home Region: Earth; Florida
Appearance: Blaise has the darkest hair of the three Corneley siblings with his shaggy, auburn curls that many mistake for brown. His eyes are green in the center and brown around the inner and outer rings. A bit darker than his brother but lighter than his sailing sister, Blaise has what many might consider the perfect tan. Long and lanky until his mid twenties, people often expected Blaise to have awkward and gawky movements... the truth couldn't be more different. His philosophy on clothing is that "comfort is king". He can often be seen wearing naught but shorts--even on hot pavement or the uneven and dangerous grounds of a Magin forest. Preferring to heal rather than fight, Blaise learned trigger points and relies on his hands and feet when situations turn physical.
Personality: Though Blaise is a very caring individual and would never intentionally offend someone, he will occasionally get caught up in a flurry of intellectual thoughts and blurt things out as he thinks them with no realization until after the fact that he's said something rude. Apart from the occasional rudeness, most people who come into any lengthy contact with the young medicine man fell in love with his charm and genuine care for others' well being. With a strong sense of self-preservation, Blaise believes there's a way for everyone to survive any battle but, lacking the opportunity to work out that way, he will fight for himself and the majority instead of everyone but himself.
Ability: Blaise studied hard to graduate from high school and enter college early. In college and graduate school, he studied the medical field and became an exceptional doctor. Within Magin, his medical skills sometimes seemed to border on magical healing.

Russel Corneley

Age:16 or 22
Gender: Male
Home Region: Earth, Louisiana
Appearance: Russel keeps his blazing red hair cropped respectably short and, as he becomes able, decides to grow a red-brown beard. Russel favors button up dress shirts, argyle sweaters, polos and the like. Very rarely does he wear something other than slacks. Although shorter than his siblings, Russel has the same lanky build as his brother. His hazel eyes are hidden by cheap-shelf glasses and he often likes to wear an Indiana Jones style fedora--just lacking the correct colour and ribbon size--Blaise often teased "the professor" about this hat. Though very nerdy by all appearances, Russel is by far the best swordsman of the three--very few can beat him in a fencing duel. Whilst adventuring in Magin, Russel sports a light leather lamellar cuirrass over his normal clothing and full leg armor strapped on over hand-me-down jeans.
Personality: A practical adventurer, Russel likes to rely on wit and knowledge rather than brute force and intuition. While preparing to fence--and even during the duel--he analyzes his opponent to discover weaknesses he can exploit. Sly and manipulative when dealing with enemies, young Russel Corneley is not someone you want to upset... but fiercely loyal and protective, he is one of the best friends one could find. Typically the quiet sort, Russel likes his books, scrolls, and ancient ruins but can steamroll a conversation when he actually finds something worth saying.
Ability: Unsure what path he wants to take in his learning, Russel has started university double majoring in Political Science and Anthropology--despite the nearly shouted cautionary advice he's received against it. His ability to manipulate with speech and logic are astounding. Its only equal is his quick, accurate understanding of how various cultures work. No one is really sure just yet where he should focus his efforts.

[Image: TheGirlsofBhaileMontir.png]


Growing up in a nomadic family with an almost overwhelmingly strong pride in their heritage, Treasa gained a wider appreciation of the world at large than most people of Magin... but she also received a bit of culture shock when she initially realized that most families didn’t trace their heritage more than a handful of generations back. Though much of her family favoured brightly or multicoloured clothing, Treasa favoured rich, singular colours and often had to create her own clothes or redyed hand-me-downs.
As Treasa grew up, her siblings and cousins began breaking from the family to live with lovers they’d found. Because of this, the family kept a closer circuit than they had previously... and she was able to meet Riona, Maeve, and the Corneley siblings.
Born in the village of Bhaile Montir to a relatively wealthy family, Maeve and Riona had easier childhoods than most. They were taught all of the conventions of their world and knew how to read early on, regretting only that there were so few stories to read. Quickly, they became loved in the area for their generosity and kindness. When Treasa decided in her mid-teenaged years that she couldn’t handle her family’s wayward lifestyle any longer, the sisters pleaded with their parents to allow her to join the clan. This action endeared the girls in the villagers’ hearts even more than before. Treasa’s presence and growing friendship went a long way toward jump starting the changes the group of young men and women wanted to incite.

Name Meaning: intoxicating
Age: 15-21
Gender: Female
Home Region: Bhaile Montir
Appearance: Hauntingly beautiful, pale green eyes peek out from underneath waves of silky milk-brown hair. The pale green would probably not be quite so haunting--or beautiful--if not paired with Maeve’s rich olive skin tone. Her cheekbones stand high and proud, with just the right amount of natural flush to accentuate her youth; and an ample bosom combined with womanly curves make her popular among the local boys. A bit shy and mostly unaware of her natural allure, Maeve tends to wear flattering but modest dresses. Her favorite colors are warm oranges, reds, and browns. She wields only a dagger for protection, preferring to stay out of fights as often as possible.
Personality: Quiet and gentle, Maeve is never the first to approach a stranger; but, she is quick to befriend once someone has introduced themselves. Hardly one to lose her temper, Maeve is known for her ability to listen to other’s problems without judgment; and she remains steadfast in her loyalties, no matter the cost to herself. Soft spoken, she does not often speak out in decision making processes; but when she does, everybody listens. Many have described her as being wise beyond her years.
Ability: Maeve’s tendency to listen to others without judgment has grown into a support system for others far beyond natural soothing; her listening seems to open minds and heal spirits.

Name Meaning: strength; intensity
Age: 17-23
Gender: FemaleHome Region: Nomad
Appearance: Treasa sports choppy hair with sections of both golden and strawberry hair. The distribution of colour is more natural than highlights you see in modern, Earth times but not quite as natural as a strawberry blonde person’s hair. Her dual-tone hair is considered a sign of magical and possibly majestic origin... which lends to the idea that it might not have originally been a natural occurrence and was, in fact, introduced earlier in her ancestral line. The young prophet prefers simple clothing in shades of blue and green. Her robes are
Personality: Often described as having a bit of a “vague” disposition, Treasa is gifted—and cursed—with the ability to see beyond—into the possible futures and reasons they exist. She can tell a person’s true path as soon as it becomes clear—and she can also tell if they are ready for the knowledge. This knowledge gives her insight and wisdom beyond her years. She tends to be kind and generous, never looking down on others, but she is also very aware of the world around her and isn’t liable to trust and forgive blindly. Because of her tendency to bestow a title when she informs a person of their path, she has been given the honorific “Namer”.
Ability: Treasa has the ability to commune with all the creatures of the air. Many such creatures consider themselves her friend and freely lend their services as messengers and--size allowing--transport. Her main ability, however, is her foresight. Possessing a true mix of her ancestors’ abilities, Treasa sees the future as a crossroads of potential futures. She has some sense of the choices people will need to make in order for certain outcomes to come true--and she can tell which paths are more likely to happen. With this knowledge, guides people toward the better futures through thoughtful advice and understanding. Most people in the world can figure out what they should do with their lives but in some cases, people feel two career paths calling to them. In their minds, these paths are equally likely to produce good results and happiness--but Treasa can see which is best. Occasionally, the advised choose whether or not to follow her advice but the word steadily spreads that going against her advice is ill-advised.

Name Meaning: queenly
Age: 18-24
Gender: Female
Home Region: Bhaile Montir
Appearance: Because of a magical affliction that took her mother during pregnancy, Riona was born with pure white hair and iridescent eyes of green and violet. Her white hair is held in a tight, intricately beautiful bun by a hair net studded with semi-precious purple stones. Full, pink lips and ever flushed cheeks stand out on skin so pale it might be described as ivory were it not for the slight olive tone. Riona stands taller than most women and lacks the curves her sister possesses; but an inner beauty and strength shine through her carriage and draw eyes to her all the same. Choosing to wear mostly shades of light burgundy, purple, and blues, Riona appears to dress appropriately for a maiden her age--though she hides riding trousers and throwing daggers within her bustle and skirts.
Personality: A natural born leader, Riona impresses others with her ability to make decisions swiftly while compromising for the best of any given group. While prone to giving speeches, she appreciates the opinions of others and is willing to step aside for those with greater experience. As a child, Riona was very outgoing and adventurous, always getting scrapes and small cuts. With age, however, she has learned how to avoid the majority of those minor injuries and comes out of both political exploits and physical endeavors unscathed. Overprotective of family and a steadfast friend, Riona can get a bit feisty when the people she cares about are endangered.
Ability: In addition to natural charisma and decision making skills, Riona has the ability to “map out” political paths. This ability allows her to easily determine what negotiations will work with various others and also helps her gain new followers.

[Image: ProphesiedUnderFire.png]

[Image: TheStory.png]

Cousins Matthew and Dominic are transported from Matthew's bedroom to a magical land called Magin. The land feels infinitely familiar and devastatingly alien simultaneously. Though Matt has been able to come to and from quite easily and quickly before, the cousins seem to be stuck. The more they encounter of the world, the more they learn that not only are they not the first to be stuck... but that they are more connected than either could have dreamed. As they try to find their way home, Matt and Dom are forced to quest through a myriad of obstacles and vague prophecies... following in the footsteps of Magin's greatest heroes.

[Image: TheCorneleyCousins.png]

More information about the cousins and their adventures will come at a later date. Please keep an eye on A New World to get some backstory and perhaps start to guess what will happen to the cousins.

[Image: Screenshots.png]
[Image: f4f4da16.png]

Concept Art created by Marian Frae. Character Art by daeva_agas. Font found on for free. Pocket watch is stand in until we have a moving sprite. The smudge over text shows what menu item has been selected. A character with name and colour is currently selected.
[Image: ba1687f2.jpg]

Concept Art by Marian Frae. Character Art by Daeva_Agas. The smudge on text once again shows what has been selected. The squares to the right will eventually be replaced by icons. Unselected icons will be displayed grayscale and selected icons will be displayed in colour.
[Image: c7e8de80.jpg]

Concept Art created by MarianFrae. Character Art created by Daeva_Agas. Some items will be character specific and cannot be transferred from character inventories into the party inventory. Most items, however, will be transferable. Number of Slots shows how many are being used out of how many are available. Currently, Blaise holds nothing.
[Image: 74a9c860.jpg]

Concept Art created by Marian Frae. Character Art created by Daeva_Agas. This is a simple profile screen. You can't select or change anything. This is just a way of viewing progress. Keystrokes will lead to other characters or the menu screen.
[Image: TheMusic.png]

The Wandering Dream
The Wandering Dream
Choeden Dwer
Elven Isle by MetalRenard
Uncharted Islands
Uncharted Islands by MetalRenard

[Image: Features.png]
For a more detailed account of features, visit the Magin Game Features Document.
  • Time Passing
  • Custom Battle System
  • A School System
  • Unique “Classes”
  • Skills-Tree
  • Multiple Endings
  • Partially Split Inventories
  • Full-Party on Most Maps
  • Unique Use of World Map
  • Multiple Worlds
  • Voice-Acting
  • RTP Independent
[Image: TheTeam.png]
To inquire about an open position, please email

Writers, Editors, and Brainstorm Support
Zander Frae -- Head Writer and Developer
Jade -- Editor
Open Positions

Visual Artists
daeva_agas -- Character and Icon Art
Open Positions--Promotional and Dynamic Art, Spriting and Animation, Environmental Art

Musicians and Foley Artists
Zackwell Valence-- Foley
MetalRenard -- Soundtrack

Programmers and Eventers
Open Positions

Environment Specialists
Open Positions
Reply }
Looks like a very well planned and thought-out project!
Open position in music? Is it a paid job? I'm open to work for hire!
Reply }
Since you've also sent an email, we'll carry the business side of this conversation there.
I'm really glad I've caught your interest! Magin has been my brain child since 2004 or 2005 and I've been working on it in some form or fashion pretty much nonstop since then. :) Thanks for the comment!
Reply }
Alrighty then, looking forward to your reply. :)
Reply }
MetalRenard is officially joining the team and has already completed the first track!
Reply }
Metal has completed the second track, Uncharted Islands!
Reply }
Daniel has resigned due to a demanding schedule. There are now up to three writing positions open.
Reply }
Love uncharted islands great job on that metalrenard!
Reply }
Very kind Yin!!! Thank you!
Reply }
Hey Save-Point members! I hope you're all doing well. :)
Metal has composed the main theme, called The Wandering Dream; and, Brent Anderson has joined the team as a spriter and animator!
I've also come up with a tentative start date for the Kickstarter fundraising project: last week of May. I have a few "ducks" to get in line before starting the project but if all goes well, I should be able to post everything then. I'd love it if you guys would take a gander at the prize list posted in my latest blog entry and let me know your thoughts--good or bad. :) Also let us know if you might be interested in purchasing the OST when it's finished.
The Wandering Dream
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