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 Buddy's CMS v4.00
Buddy's CMS v4.00


Hi everyone, i decided to make an custom menu system because there is no one out there which have all the features which my has.
Also i wanted to give the rm scene something back, after they helped me so much !

  • Pls look in the script config they are too many to list the all...
Demo v3.0 v4.0 [Image: Broken.png]

Script v3.0 [Image: Broken.png] v4.0 [Image: Broken.png]

Pls look in the script ! (i'm a bit lazy... Happy with a sweat )

  • 100% compatible with SDK v2.4. (I didnt got any errors.)
  • 100% compatible with MACL v2.0. (I didnt got any errors.)
  • 100% compatible with MOUSIE! v2.0. (Everything worked fine.)
  • (Should work with any other mouse script too.)
  • Maybe causes some errors with menu modifications and other CMS'es...
  • Don't use with COGWHEEL Plug 'n' Play Menu Bars by DerVVulfman.
  • Don't use with Status Effects as Icons by Blizzard.
  • Don't use with Simple Facesets by Blizzard.
  • Don't use with Facesets for DSS by Zan.
  • Should be compatible with anything else, but if you find some
    compatibility issues then contact me pls and i will list them here !
Known Bugs

The blur effect works only correct in fullscreen mode... (I will ask game_guy for some help with it !)

Credits & Thanks
  • stardust (Manuel Schmuki) - For helping me with the icon command.
  • ForeverZer0 - For his Mapback scene converter snippet i used.
  • Blizzard - For his facesets script and the status icon script i used.
  • Zan - For his facesets script i used.
  • game_guy - For his snapshot script which is part of the blur effect script.
  • kellessdee - For his blur effect script i used.
  • Cogwheel/DerVVulfman - For the gradient bars script i used.
  • My Brother (My real brother) - For beta testing.
  • ASCII/Enterbrain - For their RM Series.
  • Don Miguel - For his translation of the RM2K.
  • (Without him the RM scene where probably never gone so public !)
  • And all who ever helped me. - Thx a lot
Author's Notes
  • This is my first own
    script, even if its more a edit of standrt classes and merges of custom
    scripts, i hope you will like it and give me some response and/or
    critic, i need it !
  • If you want me to add a specific function feel free to cantact me !
  • Pls credit me if you use this script. (^_^)
  • Maybe give the authors of the scripts i used credits too !
  • Also pls send me a link to your game, i want to test it of course !
  • Sorry for my bad english ! (~_~')
Last Notes

I hope that i dont forgot anything and done all correct Winking

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