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 Simple Edits
Ok, I'm not a spriter, and I mostly specialize in graphic art, but occasionally I do edit some things. I probably won't be updating this too much, but anything that goes in here is free to use on the condition that you credit me for the edits and/or original work I do.

For now, I will share the most recent thing I did. For one of the haunted levels in my current projected, I wanted some levitating items. Here is a VX/VX Ace compatible character set I edited. It has 11 empty shadow slots too, if you want to add your own things.

[Image: FloatingObjects-1.png]

And here is a tileset I edited for that same area. It's still a WIP, but here it is;

Note: This is to be used as Tile B on VX/VX Ace

[Image: SpookyInside_B-1.png]
[Image: Angel.gif]
[Image: RMVXB-1.png][Image: gMakerBar.png]
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vn, I really like the mirror with the ghost reflection and the demonic teddy bear
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