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As you may have suspected by the title, I came by a very nice site. Winking
フリー音楽素材Circuit Senses is a japanese website, that offerst BGM and SE for free use...under certain conditions:

-You are not allowed to use the music in any commercial products.
-If you want to use it in a commercial product or broadcast it in some way, you have to contact the creator.
-If you want to use it for other purposes (such as a game in our case) you have to provide a link to the homepage.
-You may not alter the music files.
-Don't upload it elsewhere.
-And of course the usuall: don't hotlink the files.

Personally, I think these rules are not to bad. I have not listened to the entire collection, but from what I have heard so far the quality is really nice and there is a lot of varioation.
So, in case you check it out: enjoy ^^
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