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 Vx Ace Custom Menu help?
Hello everyone!

Currently I am trying to make a literal picture based menu for a pokemon game I am making.
Basically an entire menu including Saving, items, skills, etc. The whole shebang XD.
I know how to create a simple picture menu via eventing. I used to be pretty good at coding (Sadly it was in XP, not ACE)

(Since I'd hate to ask someone to do a damn bunch of scripting for me)
I'm basically wanting to use a common event (Or a couple of them) Of the entire menu. Using possible script calls to do such things as save/load, etc.

The problem is I am curious as if there is a way to display the Items, skills, status, equipment and the front menu stats with the icons, the player currently has on them.

This probably would be easier being a few scripts.. But I am terrible at coding for ACE, /and/ I have looked everywhere on how to go about this. In XP it was simple as hell to re arrange the menu, break it down, move the windows to the correct spot and then have a clear transparent background.

All the menu scripts I have found are just for the front main menu and/or don't have a way to change the window sizes and the way it's displayed.

To sum it up on looks and functionality.. I basically am looking to make a "Pokemon" like menu.
Similar to the one from the Mystery dungeon series.

Thanks all for any help/advice. I'd love to learn some scripting, I just wish I had the time from work and other things to sit down and learn it.


P.S: Sorry if this sounds confusing..
It did sound confusing, and if it's confusing to us, most probably it's confusing to you too...

I live RPG Maker VX Ace's ability to view Parallax backgrounds in your editors. With this ability, and the ability to utilize Ceodor's Variables on Screen 1.3 script, you can easily create on-screen menus, and jump back to your map with little issues except with specific event switches that might have to be readjusted.

Here's how you do that. Find Variables On Screen script by Ceodore, so that we can display different variables on the screen, and then simply create four parallaxes or more if need be for your parallaxes. This way, if you push up key or down key, you can set a conditional event to change yoru parallax on the fly, giving the illusion of a menu system that's highlighting different pictures. For your save file? inserting a background in a screen and removing the windowskins is a fairly easy task. items and status might be a bit more daunting but can be accomplished with just a little scripting. Event systems can be tricky but CAN be done. My character generator will be mostly event-driven.

Good luck.
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