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 Halloween Tiles
These are mostly edits of the Castle Interior set of XP. The
freestanding blood may have to be parallaxed on, I didn't really test it
as an overlay.

Some event sheet edits:

.png   fire.png (Size: 10.8 KB / Downloads: 6)

.png   hauntedframe.png (Size: 3.98 KB / Downloads: 9)

.png   smallfire.png (Size: 15.63 KB / Downloads: 4)

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I may do some more tilesets... I'm not sure, it'll depend on how much time I have this month.
Free for noncommercial use, credit to cosmickitty and enterbrain
the pumpkin is from Soruve:
I think the rest is RTP or mine.... let me know if I'm wrong
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