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 The Legend of Terra (Updated 4/4/2021)
[Image: i4oehWf.png]

New update as of 4/4/2021 version 3.0 is what I'm calling it now. I went back and made some huge modifications to the cutscenes, and transfer animations as well as out of battle enemy animations. Major updates to the story. Conversations have been completely overhauled, and "almost" all the grammatical errors, and line spacing fixed. Events, and maps have been reworked to reduce lag, and many of the maps have been updated. There's not much left to be done apart from creating the final cutscenes.(Which I will do soon hopefully) I would say the game is roughly 6-15 hours depending on how you like to play.

-Embark on a true old school RPG adventure!
-Buy, upgrade, and manage up to 5 different houses!
-Fight over 17 different bosses!
-Use certain save crystals to teleport to other areas!
-Obtain all 4 ultimate weapons!

The World:
(Contains area spoilers.)
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World Monsters:
"Long ago a portal between our world, and a land called the Dark Rift opened. From it came a flood
of monsters, and demons... It is said to be the home of a very powerful demon, and no one has ever
been able to go there since that time. It was sealed forever by a great hero, but the monsters remain."

World Politics:
"During the first age men built two great cities. One was the Imperial City, of the Southern Continent.
The other was Capital City, of the Northern Continent. Ruled over by the two greatest kings, these cities
thrived, and flourished while the smaller towns, and villages suffered because of the politics that these two
cities had created... The kings would issue trades between the two cities, but no trade would be issued with
the other towns, and villages."

World Magics:
"When the monsters, and demons invaded our land, there where many who resisted, and even some who started
dabbling in the art of alchemy. Not long after, mages started appearing... It's not known how these mages
truly came to be, but it's thought that they extracted the powers from the monsters, and demons themselves..."

-The Final Cutscenes.
-Minor conversation, and grammar fixes.
-Possibly more bosses.
-Maybe more battle scripts if I can ever figure it out.

Content Hidden

Content Hidden

- Dervvulfman (Meagan's Particles)
- Ccoa, Agckuu Coceg, ForeverZer0 (M.A.W.S)
- ParaDog (Tiled Windowskin)
- Steel Beast 6Beets (Additional scripts)
- isaacsol (Full Screen script)
- Punk (Damage Text Revamp 2.1)
- Reno-s--Joker (Battle Command Window with Icons)
- Blizzard (Stormtronics CMS)
- RPG Advocate (Advanced Shop Status Window)
- Drago (Translucent Menu)

New Download Link: v3.0

Movie Quotes:
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Just updated this game pretty massively. If anyone wants to test it out that would be awesome. :)

Movie Quotes:
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It's been a few years, but I finally got around to uploading a new version. Check it out please, and give me some feedback!

Movie Quotes:
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Another couple years later, and I finally decided to get back to work on this. Many major updates have been made, and full details can be found in the main post. Thanks for taking a look!

Movie Quotes:
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