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 Valdred's Banner/Signature Workshop
Ok, i decided to make a workshop. i'm making banners on request. I am not very experienced but i think i can make them pretty good so go on requesting.

Example works
Content Hidden
Content Hidden
more will come as i get resources

Request template
TITLE: the main text displayed,
SUBTITLE(optional): A smaller text also displayed
STYLE: dark? fancy? woods? describe as well as you can.
ELEMENTS INCLUDED: is there anything special you want in it, like a picture?
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keep up the nice work valdred looks good
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i hope to get some "customers" soon :)
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Make a banner for
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ok :)
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It has to be Neon Pink
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the text?
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I was just joking. have fun with it
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ok, lol :)

*Valdred once again proves that he is worthy his title as official R-tard by don't understanding the obvious joke*
almost done. we need to come up with some fancy motto...
something like "Chill-spot of the awesome"
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here it is:
[Image: bannermn.png]
When I still was in the mood i made this one too.
Warning! sexual themes
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