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(Non-RMXP) Masking Magic 1.0
Project: Masking Magic 1.0
Made in: Visual Basic 6
By: Roach
Official Beta Testers: Valdred

Ever hated edited transparent background and trying to make all the back ground black behind the images you want well no more editing! If it already has a solid back ground it will make what you select either Mask Image, Sprite or Both. Very easy to use.

[Image: MaskingMagic.png]

I Have Made a Beta To the Project that you all can test please leave comments and errors if any or just to give me props id sure enjoy them.

--Attachment does not work - PK8--

Notes: Working on getting it to support more then just "*.bmp" file types please keep tuned for updates

Please Enjoy!
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your first priority should be png files as these are the most common in rpg maker games.
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Valdred Wrote:your first priority should be png files as these are the most common in rpg maker games.

im working on it for (*.png and *jpg)
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never ever ever ever ever ever use jpg
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i like how this program's pretty much pointless for anybody who knows anything about graphic editing cool!
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actualy if you quit cutting down everything I do this is for bitblt so your sprites wont flash and soon you can select background color of what you want it to be
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