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 RGSS/2 Project CP3DS -- Already works! 3D For BOTH RMXP and RMVX
RGSS/2 3DS Engine -- Already Works!
Developing RM Engine support for 3DS Models


I present my latest project to the community.
I am aware some of you may have trouble telling since the nintendo 3ds's release =P

This is not a request either, I have developed support for 3DS Models allready in RGSS/2. The current support is basic but I am working on adding more.


* 3D in RMXP/RMVX using 3DS Models
* Use 3D ANYWHERE in the game, unlike other 3D RM engines which only worked for maps.
* No lag
* Very rudimentary texture support. I am working hard on this to make it better. Only a little bit of textures are visible atm but it proves valid as a 3D engine for RMXP and RMVX.
* 3D Rotation on all axises (X, Y, and Z)
* 3D Displayed on RGSS/2 Window. No external window needed.

*** I'm working on adding more things, this is alpha V0.1 right now so more support is still coming.
*** Due to a new, higher levelled encryption some computers (x64 I believe) may not be able to play. I am working on a work-around for x64-based users but I don't want the demo to be unencrypted as easily as every other RM game.

Current bugs:

* Encryption don't work on some Windows 7 x64 (according to an early beta tester)

Not much is in the demo...but I am working on more.

Things I am working on adding:

* Lighting
* Animated models
* Better texture support
* Packing models, so they can't be altered when your game is distributed
* Maybe some more filetype model support, IDK, will be last if anything
* Resizing the screen, because 3D isn't great in tiny windows.

* Any suggestions you have for it! *


[Image: cp3d.png]
[Image: cp3ds.png]


V0.1 : (May 22, 2011)

* Note: I used a new encryption to prevent stealing this beta engine.
** Controls:

UP: Rotate model upwards
DOWN: Rotate model down.
LEFT: Rotate model to the left.
RIGHT: Rotate model to the right.

I am not distributing the source code of this engine yet because it is still very rudimentary. The demo proves the validity of this engine for now. I am not sure how distribution will take place but, at least for now, I don't want it to be 100% open because I don't want to be pelted with questions by n00bs of how to use the engine, but I may allow, later, for people to PM me to request the engine with proof of some of your work to show you can code well.

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Ah... As this is currently a project in the works, and not a readily available 'script for use' for the community as yet, Moved to the Upcoming Projects section
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
[Image: QrnbKlx.jpg]

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Still seems cool though :p
[Image: style7,Kristovski.png]
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The most difficult parts lie ahead : interacting with a RM map.
But that's promising.

Practical question : how will a user integrate 3D models with the RM editor ? Via events ?
[spoiler=Some scripts :]
[XP] H-Mode7
[XP] Neo Mode 7 / Neo Mode 7 + / [VX] Import NeoM7 maps
[XP] FPLE / [VX] Import FPLE maps
[Old][XP] Moving Platforms
[Old][XP] New Mode 7
[Old][XP] 2D ISO
[spoiler=Working on :]
- H-Mode7 Engine v.1.4
- FPLE 2
- MGC_ISO Engine
- VP Engine
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@> MGC

The most difficult path is probably the animated models. I can already send and receive data from RMXP to the models so using events will probably not be hard. Here is how I envision it:


The code is scriptable! It can be used easily in any script. It's NOT just for maps! =D

With map plan/solution:

[spoiler]Event data:

[Model Name] "Model.3ds" (Name of 3DS Model for the event)
...misc (lighting, animated true/false, etc...)
X, Y, and Z may be pre-calculated with the script

Reading the X and Y position won't be hard either, it's already been done by many people. And borrowing your Z position (depth) from HMode-7/Neo mode 7 it will be possible to place the model properly, with credits of course ;D unless I find a better way.[/spoiler]

I didn't really plan for it to be for the map directly though, the 3D can be displayed anywhere in the game. One thing I don't like about the already made 3D engines is there designed for only maps. This engine can be viable for maps and anywhere else, making it more viable than any other RM 3D Engine.


btw I am planning for an update soon to include:

- Lighting
- More use of integrations with RMXP (instead of just 1 scene)
- Mouse controller or buttons for rotating model

Maybe some other things too ;D
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Do you plan to render RGSS graphical elements (windows, sprites, ...) with OpenGL along with the 3D models, or will the latter be incrustated in the original RGSS rendering ?
[spoiler=Some scripts :]
[XP] H-Mode7
[XP] Neo Mode 7 / Neo Mode 7 + / [VX] Import NeoM7 maps
[XP] FPLE / [VX] Import FPLE maps
[Old][XP] Moving Platforms
[Old][XP] New Mode 7
[Old][XP] 2D ISO
[spoiler=Working on :]
- H-Mode7 Engine v.1.4
- FPLE 2
- MGC_ISO Engine
- VP Engine
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@> MGC,

RGSS graphic elements work with my modified 3D viewer but they're buggy together atm (not all of the rgss sprite elements show fully, like they may display 1/5 way or something like this) but I don't really want rgss graphics being in the same scene as the models because it causes lag. However RGSS graphics are support (ie you can still use your rgss graphics, switch to CP3DS for however long, close CP3DS, and get right back into RGSS graphics with no problems)

but why use rgss graphics any more when the goal of the project is making a new, better graphics processor for the RGSS engine? I plan on making it easy to move graphics from RM to this engine (2D and 3D graphics) anyways. So hardly any effort will be needed to switch from RGSS to CP3DS.
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