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I have been working on my first (serious) game for about a year, although I still haven't gotten past MAPPING the first town to a point where I like it... I not bad at it, it's just I hate mapping so much...

But until then I'll tell you what I got so far.

Starts out with a girl named SARAH in a small village (Cliche I know).
does a few chores for her Lazy grandpa. she then is sent out to do one last chore, to gather ingredients that were purchased from a merchant, who hasn't shown up yet. It turns out that he's at the Inn because he lost the ingredients somewhere outside the village and is too ashamed to tell Sarah's grandpa. In exchange for going out to look for them in his place (because there would be no point in adding this sub quest otherwise.[Don't you just love cliche games]) He'll give back the money her grandfather purchased them for.

So you go out and you find them (something happens) and then you come back.

Here I am thinking of adding little "reward/concequence" in decisions, but I think I'll worry about that as I progress in making the game...

now that your chores are all done Your grandfather tells you that a girl from the village (someone you know) came in looking for you, and she looked a little bit worried.

So you go (Not that I'm giving you a choice, lol) to see what's up... Stuff happens and you save the day... but you gotta keep it hush hush...

Tell me what you think...
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This just sounds like the "setting the tone" stuff before the actual plot kicks in, so I'm not sure what to tell you. You get kind of vague towards the end, which makes me think that either:

1) You're not really sure where you want to take the story just yet.
2) You don't want to part with any spoilers.

There's not much to do if it's the former, but if it's the latter please do tell. You don't want to summarize your plot as "Sarah does chores for her lazy grandpa and ends up saving the day." That tells me nothing about the conflict. Is a cat stuck in a tree? Does she have to get the washing in before it starts to rain? Or is reality as we know it being torn asunder and horrific creatures from the abyss are stealing the life energy of our world and we're all going to shrivel up and die? I have no idea which it could be, because you've not given me enough information to go on.

Here's an example of two summaries:

Tidus is a popular Blitzball player living in the advanced city of Zanarkand, but all that is about to change...

A young man named Tidus is transported to the future where he meets a beautiful young summoner named Yuna and goes off with her to try and defeat the abomination known as "SIN" that is ravaging her world.

The second summary provides more information and intrigue, and isn't really spoiling the game. We don't know who lives and who dies, we have no idea what might happen in the end. We don't even know what "SIN" really is. What we do know is that the game has adventure and excitement. So please, share a little bit of your exciting plot if you have it. After all, who wants to play a game where you do chores the whole time? You need to let us know what happens next beyond "stuff happens and you save the day."

I'd be interested to hear it. =)
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Yeah, there isn't a whole lot to say, Lady said it all. An outline of the introduction and an idea of a storyline are totally different things, and there just isn't a lot of info.
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I guess I just summerized my intro...

I "DO" know where I'm going with the game, I just don't know how to put it into words, like you have about FFX. I was never really good at stuff like this...

how about this?

Sarah, a mage in training, wants to explore the world outside her village... She goes out adventuring alone, but ends up meeting a few new friends along the way. They later stumble across an old threat that threatens not just the kigdom, but the rest of
"-Insert WORLDS NAME here-"...

(no clue what to call the world yet.)
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sounds better than your first post. Still, after reading your storyline i kinda know that you are going to use the RTP and no custom scripts. am i right?
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I'm actually using 2 scripts, right now...
- Real Time Active Battle
- Universal Messaging System
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good. RTP means runtime package, and means the graphics included in rpg maker.
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Valdred Wrote:sounds better than your first post. Still, after reading your storyline i kinda know that you are going to use the RTP and no custom scripts. am i right?

wtf does that have to do with anything o.o? you can make a perfectly fine game with the default stuff, most people who go for full customs never finish much and what they end up is often horrible anyways.

Learn to walk before running and all that stuff
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Quote:wtf does that have to do with anything o.o?
A lot of rm games i've played have a very similar storyline, all of those were made with RTP, i know it's stupid of me. :)

Quote:Learn to walk before running and all that stuff
i agree, but in my opinion, using the default tilesets and stuff makes the quality of the game one huge step lower. That is because most of the bad rm games on the internet are made with the RTP, that makes the player (or at least me) feel pretty skeptical to all RTP-only games and RTP-almost-only games. Another reason is that it is not exciting at all to explore maps made with the good ol' RTP that you know all too well. Using RTP-charactersets make the player think: "that main-character-guy was Antagonist in the other game i've played" and that sucks a lot if you see what i mean.
well, that's just my opinion. I am sure that it is 100% possible to create good games with RTP too, at least with good mapping skills.

good luck eventing_guy. if you are using the RTP, i hope you will prove me wrong, i am looking forward to playing the demo, and the complete game. if you need help just ask.
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I do have a demo for my first town but it's REALLLLLLLLY old.

Ive made a lot of progress since then, so don't judge the mapping, dialogue or my grammer too harshly.
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