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 Whimsical Misadventures of Cinderella
[Image: RncUT9y.png]

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- 3-4 hours of gameplay
- Colorful cast of characters
- Engaging and fun turn-based strategy battles with a special stack system that affects your skills' abilites.
- A stat distribution system that allows you to customize your party members' stats.
- Playable characters that offers their own unique traits in battles
- An Unlockable mode that offers new story content with fun boss battles along with multiple endings
- Very intriguing yet simple storyline that will leave you curious and engaged.
- Mesmerizing fairy-tale/Coloring book styled game aesthetics.
- Enjoy BerryB/BerryRMN's beautiful artworks from enemy sprites to facesets to CGs.

Whimsical Misadventures of Cinderella GOODIES:

- Toasty/RPGtime's First Impression Stream for the game:
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- HawkZombie's 3 part stream of the full game (version 1.0):

- Studio Blue's stream:
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Mostly everything: Degica Co., LTD


- BerryB
- Sherman 3D
- Jgreene
- SkottyTV
- whtdragon
- Loose Leaf
- PandaMaru
- McSunday
- GrandmaDeb
- Kattriella
- hian
- Creative Ed
- kokororeflections
- Moghunter
- Michael Galefire


- Murray Atkinson
- Joel Steudler
- Gyrowolf
- kwahmah_02
- oceanictrancer
- Bitter Sweet Entertainment, Inc.
- Wingless Seraph/YouFulca :
- Kevin Macleod


- Yanfly
- Hime
- Moghunter
- Galv
- SumRndmDde
- Shaz

Hope you all enjoy! ^_^
Check out my Projects!! :)
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Hi everyone! Here is a stream that our good friend Toasty/RPGtime made for our game!! ^_^ :) Hope you enjoy! ANd do check out his channel, or join his discord server as seen on the video description! ;)

Check out my Projects!! :)
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Hi everyone!! I just wish to share with you all @HawkZombie 's fun-filled stream of our game!! ^_^ :) It's 3 parts in total! Oh! And do subscribe to his channel and join his discord server (link the video descriptions) for more awesome RPG maker streams!! ^_^ XD :D

Enjoy! ^_^ :D
Check out my Projects!! :)
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Hello everyone! <3 I just wish to share with you @Studio Blue 's very fun-filled stream for this game! <3 Done for their collab series with @RPGMakerWeb ! :D ^_^ I hope you guys enjoy!! :)

Check out my Projects!! :)
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