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 Question about ACBS (Atoa Custom Battle System)
(08-08-2019, 03:49 AM)DerVVulfman Wrote: That... is NOT your fault.  BUG ALERT!!!!   ALERT!!!!  BUG ALERT!!!!!

Yeah, I found that there IS a bug in the scripts, particularly what sets up the Victory Cries for both actors or enemies.  So, I figured out what it was, and made THIS PATCH!

ACBS FIX SCRIPT #1:  Victory Cries Patch

Man, I just finished testing here. Firstly I just wanna say thank you for all your efforts, this means the world to me.
I'll struggle right now figuring out how to use the voice commands for skills, but so far it's really good and will keep me busy for a long time.
I'm sure I'll find other issues like the "Camera Addon" that I saw, but for now, I have enough material to work and I just want to thank you and all this amazing community.
If one day you need some help, and idk, if it's in my humble skillset, please let me know. I owe you that much.
Thank you DerVVulfman, you're amazing dude
"Once an assassin, always an assassin."
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