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 New Raccoon anthro improved [With Outfits]
Hello friends, a few years ago I shared some chara set raccoon anthro for RPGMXP, well this is still for XP... hahaha They are improved and with costumes as the title says

[Image: OsdoZ0f.png]

Civil casual
[Image: YpZxLrK.png]

[Image: CZafrMv.png]

Unarmed and armed military
[Image: xDI8ocV.png][Image: ybSnWQq.png][Image: dwK1lt9.png][Image: f9qsHVO.png]

[Image: skxU9x7.png]

Raccoon Mutated
[Image: iWh453J.png][Image: JYuiZfK.png]

Extra image Just because Very happy + Tongue sticking out
[Image: NhyZbcx.jpg]
[Image: YhuZaMg.png]
[Image: SP1-PixelArtist.png]
[Image: SP1-Tileset.png]
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