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Real Medieval Herbalist For RPG Maker Ace
Real Medieval Herbalist

Really a very simple event system to demonstrate use of a real Medieval Herbal rather than a Fantasy Herbal. Warning: Only for Game Play, for Real Life stick to Modern Medicine!

Use of the system adds a more realistic view of Medieval Herbalism. However, this one map demonstration only takes places in the Herbalist's Shop (although you can switch the lights on and off!)

In a Game you would need to provide mechanisms for the character to become inflicted with the State (either in Battle or by Map Traps etc). Also, a means for them to obtain Gold. I don't know many shops with a handy Gold Chest that you can dip into!

In the Demonstration you can set which State your Character is inflicted with. Let them purchase Remedies that remove the State but leave their HP reduced, purchase Formulation Vehicles that do not remove the State but restore their HP, or purchase both to restore HP and remove State.

It would be possible to add a Crafting System where the character has to obtain the items to make their own Formulation Vehicle to add the Remedy to.

The Red Book shows the actual Medieval Remedies for a wide range of disorders (States). I have only used 7 in the demonstrations, but others could easily be added.

The Blue Book shows the actual Medieval Formulation Vehicles that are available. For simplicity I have made them all costing 50 Gold and restoring 100% HP. This could be amended to make some more costly and more effective.

Similarly, all Remedies cost 50 Gold and remove their respective States by 100%. Again this could be amended to make more costly Remedies more effective.

I have included the Open Source Article on which this Demonstration was based in case you wish to learn more about Medieval Herbalism.

Link added to Zip file on Mediafire.

Scripts included:

Nana - Face in Choices.
Hime - Large Choices.
EST - Notebook System.
Yanfly - Ace Message System.
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