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Real Medieval Armoury For RPG Maker Ace
To accompany Medieval Herbalist, I have added Medieval Armoury in an attempt to display the wide range of armour available. To do so I have introduced the classes of: Foot Soldier, Mounted Soldier, Archer/Crossbowman and Knight. (Someone could use the results in an analysis of the likelihood of death compared to economic ability to purchase armour if they felt compelled to do so. Falstaff's comment about "cannon fodder" comes to mind here!)

However, problems arise as some pieces of armour come from the Early, Middle and Late Medieval Period. I have assumed an overlap that might not have existed. Also, knights tended to hand down obsolete armour for those below them in the class system to wear. In addition, soldiers scrounged equipment from the dead, allies and enemy, on the battlefield. So, foot soldiers might end up wearing armour from another class. Finally, for most of the Medieval Period, soldiers needed to provide their own armour, so what they wore represented their economic status.

With regard to icons used, there is a shortage of chainmail icons and also a shortage of icons for specific pieces of plate armour, with most icons being for generic complete plate. I have tried to make icons for many of the specific pieces, usually by bodging-up (technical term) clip art and museum photographs etc. But, not being a graphic artist, the results are far from perfect!

The resulting game takes place on one map - this time the armoury rather than the herbalist's. You need to turn the lights on first. After all you cannot read the book in the dark! When you are at it, you might as well turn the forge on as well, although you don't have to. Next, open the Blue Book. From then on it is fairly straightforward. You choose a class for your character, information is provided on the armour available for that class. You can then ask the Smith to make one piece (just as a demonstration, if used in a game this could be extended to cover all armour available). To make it you need to find the Gold to pay the Smith and the items needed to make the Armour. That's about it. I haven't added any parameters for the armour or costs in the database as, if used, you would need to tailor these to suit your game. Obviously the armour used by the Knight would provide far better protection than that offered to the Foot Soldier (PBI as they say "Poor Bloody Infantry), but cost more.

The material and gold gathering, armour making and wearing stages are pretty rudimentary and would need to have much more sophisticated systems added if used in a game. They merely serve to illustrate possibilities.

Lastly, as a bonus you can, if you find it, listen to Rudyard Kipling's poem "Tommy", written in 1890 about Society's attitude towards soldiers. As relevant today as when written. (It's not only Marvel who provide Easter Eggs!!).

Faces in Choices - Nana
Large Choices - Hime
Notebook System - EST
Ace Message System - Yanfly
Blacksmith Forge and Smith - Pandamaru
Blacksmith Shop Painting - Zanariya on Deviant Art

Mediafire Link:
I saw the boys of summer in their ruin. Dylan Thomas.

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