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Rogue Crew (Sci Fi) for Ace
Hi, the attached is a short 30 to 40 minute Sci-Fi game in which a Rogue Crew is sent on a covert mission to destroy a chemical plant. No prizes for originality!  It is mainly evented, although supported by some key scripts. It could easily be expanded into a longer game either through utilising some of the redundant gauges and lockers which are mainly decorative at present. Alternatively. additional missions could be added at the end. Feel free to do whatever you want with it and treat it as a base game. The only caveat being that you must own the Enterbrain Sci-Fi tilesets and characters along with the other Commercial Graphics used.

Examples of where it could be expanded:

1- A hull breach causing the life support gauge to drop. A crew member needs to use a space suit from one of the lockers in order to carry out repairs.
2- Failure of the warp engine or plasma core resulting in a rising background radiation gauge until repairs are carried out.
3- Use of the portable coms unit  located in one of the lockers on a field trip.

You can either watch the cutscene Introduction or jump straight into the game. If you do the latter you will need to view the Mission Objectives on the monitor in the Captain's Office. In fact every monitor has useful information to discover.

The benign onboard computer leads you through the game and basically tells you what to do. It will nag you until you comply,! No HAL though!!

I have set the variables and parameters to make it fairly easy to tackle issues and win battles. These could be tweaked to make a harder game.

Slight Glitches

1- Beware of the bridge lift door as if you press enter twice it is likely to send you back to where you came from. I am still working on that glitch.
2- Just notice that if you get toolbox from Doc's locker you can go back and get it again. Didn't spot this until file uploaded. An easy fix. When Toolbox got, switch via Self Switch or Control Switch to a new Event Page where if you enter code it says "nothing here". Alternatively, set a variable to 0 and a conditional branch to give message when it is 0. Then give message and add 1 to the variable, The next time it is opened give the message "nothing here" under the Else branch of the conditional.
3- Not real a glitch more a development issue. If you unlock safes and lockers from the Communications Centre Monitor some just show Captain's face when touched. This is because I am undecided about what to put in them. You can either put "nothing here" or add an item for the Captain to find.

The main keys can be viewed on several monitors and also by pressing the Q key. The S key gives the status of the characters. The A key fires the ship's laser cannon and the D key the Cargo Crafts laser cannon. These keys only work when an enemy is present and the laser cannon is engaged. The W key is not currently utilised but could easily be added.

Most timing is via play steps, so you need to wander around the ship looking at the distractions that are available. Vending machines that deliver cola and chocolate. Or a monitor to order food and drinks in the mess room. The monitors on the bridge give information on shields and weapons etc. Also on room allocation numbers to help you find your way around the ship. But don't stay on the bridge or you won't receive updates from the computer. This is basically to prevent you seeing characters disappear before your eyes. On the Scout Craft and Cargo Craft the timers count variables, so there is no need to move around on these smaller craft.

I have tried to credit the creators of the graphics and scripts used, both here and in the end credits. However, some of the graphics were picked up on the Internet without sources being given and some have been heavily modified by myself. If you recognise any of your work, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to add you to the credits.

Finally. the universal currency in this particular galaxy is the Galaxian. Although food and drink aboard the ship is purchased through allocated food and drink tokens.

It is far from perfect, but I hope it is found useful.

Futuristic Tiles and Futuristic Characters by Enterbrain.
SF Tiles by Enterbrain.
Space Warehouse Tiles by Galacti-Chron.
Sci-Fi Battlers by Enterbrain.
Battlers by Ahorus.
Sci-Fi Weapons and Armour by Graphic River.

Command Window Icons by Yanfly.
Neo Gauge by Pacman.
Title, Menu and Map Name by Mewgles.
Pause by TDS.
Game Resolution by Falcao.
Visible Battlers by Yami.
Visible Injuries by Modern Algebra.
Throw Weapon by Formar.
Enemy HUD by Pacman.
Fancy Death by Yami and Archeia_Nessiah.
Victory Aftermath by Yanfly.
Use Map as Battle Background by Karin's Soulkeeper.
Show Face in Choices by Nana.
Large Choices by Hime.
Confusion Reverse Walk by TDS (Not used as yet. Ready for next development).
Button Common Event by Yanfly. (from here you can set the W key to call the
common event in the database entitled W, if you wish to use that key for
some purpose.

Medifire Link:
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