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 Linux Kernel's Case Insensitive Hidden Feature

First of all, I want to explain why it could slightly matter to you, especially as a developer not just for developing games but programming in general.

So far all Linux systems tend to use a case sensitive filesystem, even if they're dozens of FS available out there, and whenever a Windows user or programmer creates a file, they might not care about a filename's case at all for Windows simply treats all strings the same under that specific situation.

The link above will tell you about a couple of Linux tools and commands that will let you create a brand new filesystem that doesn't care about your typing style at all.

Here you can find a special mention here. If you can't get a "supported" return message from it, you should Stop stop right there before you wind up messing with your filesystem and have to fall back to your default Linux kernel configuration. Happy with a sweat

cat /sys/fs/ext4/features/casefold
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