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RPG Developer Bakin: Crafting PLUGIN!
Our Bakin resident C# artist has released his Crafter plugin for Bakin. Using a .DLL and an actual GUI interface that hooks into the RPG Developer Bakin expandable plugin base, Jagonz' Crafting plugin allows for different layouts, item heirarchies, categories, and even unique 'crafting stations' that can be added to your game. 

This IS a paid plugin featured for $9.99 on Itch at Jagonz' Itch Page but the tutorials on how to install it and use it are quite easy to understand. On top of that, I've amassed two, that's right TWO different tutorial videos on how to bring Crafting to your Bakin project fairly easily. 

This tutorial by Jagonz himself features the different methods by which to add your Crafting Plugin into the game.

Of course, our resident Bakin reporter, enthusiast, and lover of games Bakin, AmalgamAsh put together a more layman's tutorial on Bakin's use of the plugin as well. 

Quote:Jay Ray says: My personal take on this plugin is that while it IS not part of the original Bakin, once downloaded and used once, you'll wonder why not! It's a great way to use not just crafting, recipies, and more but... in my own iterations, I used it to create a multiple currency system. Stores that I have can now have prices in gold and silver! No more "10,00 gold in my wallet!"

Creating recipies, categories, and more is pretty easy. Working on the FreeLayout Tool still has all the base ideas that were able to be done before and created, so customizations for the crafting plugin is pretty easily done. 

So, if you're a Bakin user, and ready to dig in to your Crafting Plugin, head on over to Jagonz' Itch page and support your indy game devs!

[Image: yy7iKKb.png]

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