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 Ar Tonelico CBS Add-On : Atelier Series Battle Camera
Ar Tonelico CBS Add-On : Atelier Series Battle Camera
Version: 1.1


This system is a visual enhancement for Kread-EX's Ar Tonelico CBS v.1.1, that adds a dynamic camera and a mode7 styled battleground.
The gameplay isn't modified.


Content Hidden

Download link

Script + DLL in Kread's DEMO

Script + DLL only


Scripts must be pasted above main in this order :
- all scripts necessary to Ar Tonelico CBS Version 1.1
- Atelier Series Battle Camera Version 1.0
- Atelier Series Battle Camera adapted to Ar Tonelico CBS

The file "MGC_SVBM7.dll" is necessary.

The instructions can be found at the beginning of the script.
In short, you have to associate tilesets identifiers to pictures used to render the battlefield : the ground and battlebacks.

Terms and Conditions

As this this an add-on for Kread's script, you can't distribute the demo unless you contact him. See this topic for more information.


Ar Tonelico CBS :
Demo :
Minkoff/DerVVulfman for the Animated Battlers script.
ressources: Dollmage, Nakka, BlackMask, Grin (battlers), MoyasiWhite (icons) and Gozaru (face graphics).

See this topic for more precision.
Some scripts :
Working on :
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I'm sorry but could you upload the scripts somewhere other than mediafire? Everytime I try to download them mediafire freezes and the download never starts. It's been doing this to me lately. Don't use megaupload either if you add another download link because it does the same. Thank you in advance.
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I added sendspace links. Does it work ?
Some scripts :
Working on :
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Yes they work, thank you.
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Hey that is awesome, I should take a peek at it some time today and look for bugs and error. :)

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This side battle system is definitely better than most out there right now :]
Wouldn't hurt to put an add-on where you can see the enemy/boss HP bar though.

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xnadvance Wrote:Wouldn't hurt to put an add-on where you can see the enemy/boss HP bar though.

You mean, always ? Because the HP bar is visible when you select an enemy.
Some scripts :
Working on :
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Ok did not see that the first time, I must've picked an enemy to attack too fast. ^_^

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I have big problem about save and load:
- after a battle, I save, and an error appeared, it said: no marshal_dump is defined for class Sprite_Battler
- when I start demo, I choose continue then choose file to load, demo crash, too.
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Paste this code after the scripts :

class Sprite_Battler < RPG::Sprite
  def marshal_dump
    return []

  def marshal_load(array)
    # nothing

I'll include it later.
Some scripts :
Working on :
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