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 New member here!!
Hi everyone, im a newbie on the rpg maker stuff, so i find this forum and the amazing things there are here, i hope i can learn with everyone here and in the future maybe lauch my own game  Laughing + Tongue sticking out 

sorry for my bad english.
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HOWUUU!!!!!   (Translation from Lycan:  Welcome!)

It took a while, but you made your greeting and became a FULL member of our community.

The whole English thing... Yes, this is mainly an English forum.  But we have a lot of members who are able to advance their RMing knowledge despite the obstacle.  Three cheers for Translation Engines.

So... Is there anything you are working on?  Do you have any special skills?  Inquiring wolves wanna know?
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Ah, welcome to the forum. Your English is fairly legible, all things considered I have more ease understanding your posts than some of Kyonides ramblings.

If you really wanna have some ballistic fun, feel free to join the discord server, link is at the top right in the navigation area.

Either way, enjoy your stay!
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