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 Lily's Librams
[Image: GAA3qE9.png]
Version 1.0


This system allows you to have actual books, scrolls or the like within your game. These will have text and/or graphics within which the player may read. And the actual book content (except for graphics) is saved as rxdata files which may be compressed with the rest of your game project.

As a bonus, reading a book or scroll may grant a hero bonuses and/or penalties while also allowing the memorization or loss of skills from the RPGMaker database.

  • Books! You can now have books you can read in your game, and not just some text message!
  • Books with pictures! And books where the author (you) can choose your preferred font!
  • Scrolls! It's not just for books alone.
  • You can set the backgrounds, sounds when opening/closing and leafing through the books, and the manner you flip through the pages!
  • Separate folders! Books are kept in a Data\Books folder. Keeps them separate and they still cache and encrypt! Graphics have their own too of course.
  • Bonuses, Penalties, Spells, Oh My! Books can help or hinder the reader when first read. New way to learn spells, right?
  • A converter script built-in, allowing you to convert text files to books, and visa versa!

[Image: iX4y7ew.png]



Plenty, and all within the demo's instruction page. But as the instructions within states... It only converts ANSI text files, no Unicode, UTF-8 or variations.

The demo shows how you can take a text file from the 'Text' folder in the demo's root directory and save the encrypted/converted version in the game's Data\Books folder. The actual letter being encrypted is not in Data\Books demo until YOU get the Librarian to do this task.

This demo also includes the other books in text format in a special Text\Converted folder.

For Scripters

There is an empty method called "process_libram_extra" which would let you add extra effects for reading a book.

Author's Notes

Uploaded and introduced to the community on Christmas Eve while listening to the OST to Die Hard! The best Christmas Action Film of ALL TIME!!!


Giving a shout to my niece!


FontZ version 1.2+ by DerVVulfman to gain use of extra font styles: underline, shadow, outline, strike-thru


Fairly compatible for RPGMaker XP systems. It doesn't rewrite any methods in the system.

Credits and Thanks

I was inspired by LilyFrog who asked me to help her with a book script by ForeverZer0. Almost nothing of his original script is here, perhaps just the skeleton of the book loading system, though his loaded from text files and those wouldn't ever cache. But due credit goes towards both LilyFrog and ForeverZer0. And, thanks to Trickster for the basis of his formatted text system which I had tweaked to include font effect codes.

Terms of Use

Free for use, even in commercial games. Only due credit for myaelf and those others within 'Credits and Thanks' is required.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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