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Weird Timer Problem
Hey guys,
I have a weird problem with the Timer in my project.
When I set up a timer (for example 30 minutes) and I walk around on my maps, sometimes the timer jumps e.g. to 40:23, then it counts down to 40:19 and jumps e.g. to 31:27. It's really weird :O
If one of the scripts I'm using is causing this, I don't know which one and I have so many scripts, maybe someone could help me. Here is the script list:

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I would really appreciate your help^^
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I'll try to help you out with this.

If you send me the 'scripts' data file from your projects then I will be able to try to fix it.
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Bump... Valdred I sent you the file but no answer till now :/
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Valdred couldn't find any error, maybe someone else could try to help me? I'll send you the scripts.rxdata file.
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I could give it a shot. Send me the file if you're still trying with it.
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Use CTRL + SHIFT + F and search for class Sprite_Timer in any of your custom scripts (not from Sprite_Timer itself), and you'll possibly find the code causing timer problems. Just so you don't have to physically delete the code, you can disable it by putting =begin at the top and =end at the bottom. Afterwards, test play your game and see if any timer issues come up.

If a custom script modded the Sprite_Timer object, you can probably disable it without a problem. On the other hand, you might want to figure out why the timer mod is there. Remember to wrap the class snippet in =begin and =end to test play before you actually go and delete it.
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