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 A Story of Love [name pendng]
A Story of Love

(Its not formatted the greatest, I will fix it later. And dont kill me over the spelling mistakes. x: )

A mother, a father, and a child living out their normal lives, much like an ordinary family. Though Father is an abusive drunkard and regularly mentally and physically abuses his wife. He does such terrible things such as raping his wife, throwing glass bottles at her, ect. To escape this terrible life, Mother and Daughter try to stay away from father as much as possible. Mother comforts her daughter by singing to her and telling old folklore stories. The daughter's favorite one story goes like this:

Once upon a time, there was an evil monster that ruled over this quiet village and every year, a sacrifice had to be made in order to hold back the dragon from attacking the town. Three days before the sacfricice had to be brought, a maiden was chosen. With the help of two guards, they ventured to the cave where the dragon lived. Her lover was devestated. He tried to run after but the townspeople would not let him be with her. So, in the middle of the night, he sneaked out of the village with nothing more than a flute. Using this flute, he was able to create gusts of wind, summon water, grow plants, ect. He battled through the trecherous lands and finally got to the cave. He ran as fast as he could, but alas, he was too late and the maiden was eaten. So upset by this, he ran into the cave to beat the dragon. He ultimately did, with nothing more than his flute and wit. It is said that he was able to beat the dragon, out of love and nothing more. To this day, he is still a hero.

One night, things escalade in the household and Father goes beserk. He kicks his daughter square in the face. Mother, being extremely close to the daughter, goes into a rage. She grabs a knife and stabs him in the chest, killing him. To the daughter, Mother is the savior.

Flash Forward 15 years.

Mother comes down with a disease, alzheimers. The radical villagers believe that this disease is a contagious disease that will spread rapidly if the host is not killed. Chloe, the daughter, tries to hide her mothers sickness and will do whatever is necessary to cure Mother, including prostitution for medicine and selling off her assets. The only thing Chloe will not sell is Mother's flute, which Mother used to play to her all the time when she was little, and carries it with her everywhere.

Chloe comes across a book about medicine. In it, there is a supposely a cure that can cure any disease, The problem is that the ingrediants are rare and extremely hard to obtain. Mother does not have much time. Without any thought, Chloe heads out to find these ingredients. She along with her flute will search for these ingredients to cure Mother while trying to keep Mother's disease hidden.

Chloe: She will do anything for Mother and will protect her even if it costs her life, much like Mother did for her when she was young. Chloe is timid and quiet. She doesnt smile much and is constantly worrying.

Mother: Mother feels awful about Chloe. She feels bad about Chloe wasting her years of life on her. She tries to convince Chloe to stop on multiple occasions, yet, she has no luck in doing so. Most of the time, she is sleeping, as she is sickly. The disease is rapidly spreading and she forgets things day by day.


The game is essentially a puzzle game. Everything will revolve around the flute Chloe carries with her. She is able to summon water, create fire, move earth, and do other things with this flute. This opens up a vast amount of unique puzzles. There of course, will be monsters but how you defeat these monsters is a puzzle itself. For example, to defeat a wolf, you might have to grow a vegatable with your power, which would lure a bunny. The wolf would go after the bunny. While the wolf goes for the bunny, you might have the move the boulders on top of the cliff to smash the wolf.

As you progress, new power will be unlocked and new locations will open up. That log blocking the path is no more once you gain the fire power. To use your power, you simply press a button that will open up your flute menu. The flute menu is much like the orcarina of time menu in Zelda. You have to play a certain tune in order to use a certain power.

[Image: 89066720.png]
Mother and Chloe's house. Its supposed to look empty

[Image: miidletown.png]
[Image: mt1.png]
[Image: mt2l.png]
The village where Chloe and Mother live. Its secluded in a forest.

The score relies heavily on flutes and soft wind instruments along with light stringed instruments. Other instruments include bells and soft piano and stringed instruments.
Village Theme. Original MIDI created by Audiomuse and edited by me.
Cavern Theme. Original MIDI created by Bloodpriest and edited by me.
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Very nice so far, and I'll be interested in playing when it gets a demo out.

In the first screenshot, is the candle supposed to be sitting on the table? It looks like its behind it.

And I believe, under last screen, you mean "The Village®s here..." and is Radicalist a word?

But very nice screenshots and very unique story so far as compared to what is usually seen. Keep it up.

I'll have to give a listen to the musick later.

- Jophie
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I did not see the candle issue, thanks. Also, radicalist is not a word. It was 12:30 when I typed this. :x

I also updated the first post and cleaned it up. I also added numerous things such as the legend and the Gameplay section. o:
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when is the demo coming out?
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I plan to simply release the game as completed. The reason is because it is part of a contest. The game probably wont be extremely long in length.. Of course, I plan to touch up any mistakes made. Im trying to shoot for sometime in January. o:
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bacon Wrote:I plan to simply release the game as completed. The reason is because it is part of a contest. The game probably wont be extremely long in length.. Of course, I plan to touch up any mistakes made. Im trying to shoot for sometime in January. o:

Good luck with that :) ill prob be one of the first to play it and learn from it
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Very nice map bacon, the music are nice too.
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Im still here, slowing chipping away at this. I have decided not to partake in the contest, which goves me more time to polish and cleanup mistakes. I also have never published a game before, so this is a good start. I also had another project going as well, and still do, but it is on hold due to the immensity of it. I slso found to hard to write diolouge for it, so this project again is a great start. o:
(Also guys, while a appreciate the fluffy puffy criticism, I want to know what I need to improve. I want you to be hard on me and nit-pick every mistake. That is why I posted it here sillies)
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I havent really updated this in a while. I have been slowly working on this, adding story piece by piece and whatnot. Again, a slow and steady pace.

[Image: darker%20forest%201.png]
A dark Forest. I still need to work on the trunks of the trees. o:
[Image: fdsg.png]
This may look like a roadblock now, but once you learn a certain power, crossing rivers like this will prove to be no snap. :D
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i wonder wat kind of power she has to cross the river.

i hope it's not riding a flying bunny :p
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