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 Skill Shop
Quick And Easy Skill Shop Version: 1.0
By: LegacyX

This script enables you to have a shop you can buy/learn skills from.

  • Learn Skills
  • Individual Hero Skills
  • Learn Skills On Level

none yet sorry.


Skill Shop Script (RMXP)


Place above MAin and Below Scene_Debug, futher intructions in code.
Use $scene = to call Skill Shop window
(if there any problems Just ask.)


Cannot be used with RMVX yet.

Credits and Thanks

Sephirothspawn: For all the coding help you have given me. And for your Skill Shop script which has inspired me
to make my own.

Author's Notes

I will be making the script compatible with the SDK soon.. that will be version 1.1
and i will be also trying to make it compatible with RMVX.

Terms and Conditions

No limits....but i would like some credit if you use this script in your game.
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So how can I have multiple skill shops? the script only calls for one big shop with a ton of skills. i can work around it with a plot device character if need be.
1. kick ass
2. take names
3. ???
4. profit
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