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 Skill Casting Delay
Skill Casting Delay
Version: 1.7

This script is designed to make spells/skills in the default battlesystem take time to cast/prepare. As a turn-based system, the duration for the delay is ALSO given in turns. It's very simple... if you want a fireball spell to take two turns to work after casting, you set the skill up in the config section to spend 2 turns.

  • Make a skill take an additional turn... two turns... 5 turns to cast!
  • Can show 'GUY casting FIREBALL" or like messages while waiting.
  • Heroes can display 'battle animations' while waiting for their spells.
  • Enemies can cancel spell casting on a successful hit.
  • Option to have fellow ally skills and items interrupt the casters.
  • Configurables editable from map events (and recorded in the savegame file)

Didn't make any

Nope, but it's pretty simple to use.

The Script

Pretty plug and play, and should be fairly compatible. Only one section of the code was NOT aliased... Scene_Battle's def phase3_next_actor, but I don't think many people mess with that one.

Most of the instructions have been included in the script, as is my way. One of the nice features is that you have a single hash that relates a skill (by NAME... Not by ID!) to the number of turns it takes to use, AND any special text like 'casting' or 'preparing' that is used in the script's Casting Message system.

Words of warning...
If a member in your party is casting a spell, and another HEALS the caster... the caster WILL be interrupted. Same goes for healing through items. ANYTHING can interrupt the caster.
The configuration section uses ($)Global values. This means that you can change them through script calls. But, if you attempt to change one of the boolean global values (true/false), the project may freeze as this is a little-known glitch with the RGSS system itself.

Just spent a couple hours making the initial system... and 10 minutes to adapt Animated Battlers to detect and use this system. As far as the togglable interrupt features... don't ask. :-/ Dam RMXP and it's inherit hatred of true/false booleans... The actual interrupt decision mechanism for Items and Skills had to be its own separate def call.

This was meant soley for default battlesystems, but due to heavy aliasing (with one exception), it is probably compliant with SDK 1.5. But... not with version 2.0+ as the newest SDK Masterscripts have altered the battlesystem itself by now. Guess we can call that the SDK battlesystem, eh?

Additional Battlesystem Compatability Hints
For Fomar0153's Action Cost System by G-Man

Credits and Thanks
Thanks go to nellshini for requesting it. And to Kaze950 for discovering a bug that needed fixing... brother... did it need fixing... (got aspirin?)... and for betatesting version 1.5 before releasing it.

Terms and Conditions
This system is available royalty-free, and is permitted for commercial use. However, no warranty on this system is expressed or implied.

What is required as conditions for use is due credit. I gotta get listed for this script somewhere... at least in the game's end credits. Also credit must be given to nellshini for the initial design, and to Kaze950 for extensive betatesting.

[Image: xp_warning.png]
Image has link to Enterbrain's Download Page
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After a good decade......
B U M P !
to version 1.7

Not much to see here, but it's been cleaned up a bit.   At the same time, it should be more compatible with some scripts including one in the works.
Up is down, left is right and sideways is straight ahead. - Cord "Circle of Iron", 1978 (written by Bruce Lee and James Coburn... really...)
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