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 Random Monster Groups
Is there any way that this ( ) can work with this ( )?

I get an error when trying to attack.
Line 4017 NoMethodError occurred.
Undefined method 'dmg_mirror=' for nilClass

I think it has something to do with the indices of the enemies.
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It is probably a matter of 'script placement'.

I placed RPG Advocate's script below ATOA's battlesystem and it worked fine. I made a test battle by creating a new troop called 232, and added one phantom and one flan from his system. It randomized from 2 to 3 enemies in the set range just fine.
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It is already underneath everything.
I just tested it again and no error. Weird, but now they stack on top of eachother. Like if two or more enemies are the same, they pile up on the same spot. You can't notice it until they move.
And also the cursor points to the wrong spot.
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If you have up to 5 monsters available, I believe you have to set 5 monsters in your troop as placeholders, though they'll be among the 'random' monsters. If you only place 2 monsters in a troop screen and set it to generate up to 6 monsters, some monsters will overlap because you only have 2 places for them to go.

That is... if I remember correctly. Winking
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You can't ever put more than is actually there, there would be an error at least there's supposed to be an error. I have 3 enemies in the a group. If I am correct, it's supposed to be minimum, maximum, and variety of monsters right? I have 3 monsters there. Flan, Hell Demon, and Ghost. I named it 133. They are randomized, but they will stack on top of each other if there's more than one of the same thing and the cursor will point to the wrong person or even an empty area while the help window says the correct name of the person targetted.
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That does sound extremely odd as placement of the enemies is still dependent on where you place them in the troops screen, just as it would normally. Unless you're drawing your battlers on top of one another when you're designing your fights, they shouldn't .

The screen_x and screen_y methods in Game_Enemy is pretty simple and shouldn't give overlapping battler positions, again unless you're drawing them overtop of one another.

Confused. Confused
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Nope, three different spots. I'm making screenshots now. Note this is the demo with no changes at all. No additional scripts. While taking these screenshots, I encountered the error again, it seems that the error only happens SOMETIMES.
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Here is the enemy stacking.
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Here is the cursor pointing at the wrong enemy.
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And the cursor pointing at nothing.
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Is it just me getting these weird glitches???
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Only sometimes? Maybe it is an error generated regardless of the RPG Advocate script.

Perhaps something that is generated randomly in the battlesystem is causing the problem. There is that, and the fact it was converted from the original RMVX system so it could be a conversion error that went unnoticed.
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Nope, only happens when the random monster groups are in. Sometimes it aches my brain trying to figure out why they would remove such useful features.
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Confusing too.

The methods in 'Random' don't replace or overlap those in ATOA'S system. *Correction in replying as if it was Tankentai's XP system. There's only 4 methods in the sucker, and ...

Game_Enemy: Initialize, screen_x, screen_y // Game_Troop: setup

... got aspirin? At work.
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