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 Random Monster Groups
So... does that mean it will never work? What will I have to mess with to make it compatible? Just the screen_x, screen_y and setup? I noticed in atoa's there's a base_x and base_y as well as screen_x and screen_y. Then there's target_x and y and actual_x and y.

Nope, no aspirin can save me now.
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I will look into it more, but the screen_x and screen_y values in his system are just being used. He didn't redefine them by creating a def screen_x method (and the like). It must be something else.
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Hmm, I will continue messing around with it too. So if he never redefines them, then does that mean he's using something else? Maybe that base_x and y. It seems complicated.
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Well, screen_x and screen_y are standards that are used to position the battlers in every 'strategic' system that I know.
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Well, I'm still messing around with it. Everything is failing. Cry
Hopefully with the next update, it will work.
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Finally generated the overlapping error. Ugh. Looking into WHAT THE HELL to do to fix that.

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Really? I think it has something to do with the indices because it only happens when there's more than one of the same kind of enemy. Also, I was switching around the screen_x stuff a bit, I changed them to base x and base_y and it kind of works sometimes, but then it gives me that dmg mirror error even MORE.
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It's EVIL!
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Like the monkey on family guy.
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The sad part, was he wasn't 'always' evil. Winking
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