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 CTB - A Final Fantasy X-like Battle System, Version 3.2
Can someone please help me?

Okay I just tried it and the game came up with an error as soon as a
enter a battle.Regarding the info of the battle It was a random
encounter with one of your sprite enemies(Fire Jackal).I was using
only Rain from your default party.
The error was:

"Script' 4 - Misc Code 'line 319: NameError occured.
uninitialized constant Spriteset_Battle::SCREENTONE_ACTOR_MATCH"

Okay so basicly it say misc code line 319 and in the scripts of my
game this is what line 319 says:


With all the spaces in front btw

Can someone please help me.I don't think I skipped a page or anything though...

Thanks in advance
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It's been a while since I have used RPG Maker XP. Are you ever going to move this script over to VX or VX Ace? Just currious
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Wow!! Why hadn't I found this gem sooner?? x(( it was so amazing, really like FFX!! (good old times)!! OMG!! if only it was that easy now to switch battle system scripts when you're far in your project already x(.. But I'm keeping this for future uses with RMXP!! THankyou so much for these awesome scripts as always!! ^^! :D

The summon system was the best!!
Check out my Projects!! :)
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