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 Audio Problem
With all of my scripts? I'll see but some of them need image files. I'll see how much I can trim it down.
I think I fixed it??
But I'm not quite sure how. :blink: So I saved your connection the strain. :P I think it's because I switched to the global variable version. I don't know the difference, and it works now, so... I guess this is resolved?
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Possibly because the Instance version uses fewer resources but relies on GAME_SYSTEM that you may be overwriting with the way you've arranged your scripts. The Global Version uses a few more memory resources, but doesn't rely on GAME_SYSTEM. Less chance for conflicts.

Guess you notice how I like to explain things, eh? Little lessons as I go. :D

Well, I guess this is... resolved? I'll leave it open for another day just in case something comes up. In the meantime... Resolved.
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Yeah, but it's helpful because it helps me not make the same mistake again. Also, no problems so far so guess what! You can close this!
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Okie dokie!

Topic is closed. ;)
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