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 Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge [RELEASE]
[Image: logohorizontal.png]
Finally released!

Humble Store Ep. 1:
Humble Store Season Pass:


Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge is a traditional JRPG with a combo based combat system influenced by Xenogears. It features a Western comic book style with detailed pixel art and animations. Enjoy the rich, voice acted story of multiple characters thrown together as they fight to understand how things ever became so terrible on the world of Hasphal. Demon’s Revenge is the first chapter in the Celestial Tear trilogy, which will follow these characters to the fruition or failure of their goals.

The story takes place on the planet Hasphal after humans colonized it and began hunting down its natives, Jehts, as they saw them as being disfigured and dangerous. You follow Sen as she heads into this ancient conflict built on prejudice, discovering the history behind it, its ties to religion, and even mysterious parts of herself.

Special Thanks And Dedications
My Husband, Tyrell
My Mom, Barbara
My Sons, Adonus, Lucas, and Joseph
My Daughter, Nova

Official Website

Spread the word! :)
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Classic Japanese RPG-styled names (Senasuke, Jagen, Jinx). However the origin for Senasuke sounds good. Putting her into the thick of things that soon should work to get the game started.

As to Senasuke's brother... ever seen InuYasha? Sango and her brother have the same relationship. Really. But if no one else saw the show, they wouldn't catch on. Some other RM games I've seen have done that anyway. Not sure if many 'would' catch on.

Oh, and Jinx's portrait... I like the whole 'displaced / sectional' spirit arm he's got. Or whatever you want to call it.
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Yeah, I've seen InuYasha. Kind of completely forgot about it although some Niraku may sound like it was stolen from that, but I was working on this game way before I ever saw the show. On 2003. I just recently decided to move it to XP. Kinda sucks, but then again, I guess great minds think alike. :) I would put out the original version, but... there's so much being changed and it's not finished either. I got a nice chunk of chapter 1. The only thing I miss is the resources around every corner. XP resources seem so hard to come by. I'm making all of my battlers, but things like tileset and animations seem very hard to do. NPCs I'm taking from the RTP and the internet, but the main characters, I'm doing on my own. About Jynx, yeah... I like that arm too (that's why I though of it) but he's a trans demon. He can phase and distort himself and also he can control/wield the element of darkness. The names, I just kind of thought up on my own about (10 years ago). I don't know where I got them from, only thing Japanese I used to watch at that age was DBZ.
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I didn't read the character's descriptions (I don't like reading this, I prefer when you just discover them through the game so~), but I liked the few musics you posted! Especially the battle theme. We need screenies!
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Too much info? Maybe I should shorten their descriptions. I just kind of copied and pasted out of my design document. Glad you liked the music! I like it too. I was surprised when I told my brother to make a vg song and he actually did it... And good too! :lol:
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Nah the problem's not coming from YOUR descriptions, I just don't read this for any game (as I said, "I don't like reading this, I prefer when you just discover them through the game so~" :P).
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Yeah, well I changed it anyway. It had the aura of too much information emmiting from it.
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Warning, big pictures.

Senasuke's House
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Content Hidden
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Took a look at this. I'm having a hard time understanding the storyline. There are 3 races? Humans, Kelts, and Jehts? What is the main conflict of the main characters? Character descriptions are a little short. Anyway, I like what I see but I need a little more to give proper feedback.
Also, I'm sending you a PM (trexell) regarding updating your original post.
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Bump! I am recruiting for this project!
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