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 Free Resources
Not really RM resources, but these I've made and discarded and can be used (as long as I'm credited) on whatever.
*not really the right place, but it would be really nice to be able to hide things in spoiler tags*

[Image: girl.png]
[Image: pitcherplant.jpg]
[Image: Ian2-1.jpg]
[Image: guard.png]
[Image: Naomi-1.png]
[Image: bulbasaur.png]
[Image: ghost.png]
[Image: knight.png]
[Image: dragonlord.png]
[Image: mason.png]

Here's some HK sprites for a project I realized I didn't have time for, the finished sprites are lost, but maybe the can be used for reference
[Image: dragonsprite.jpg]
[Image: masonsprite.png]
[Image: knightSPRITE.png]
[Image: dragonlordsprite.png]
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Maybe a dumb question, but do you perhaps have a sprite sheet that has a blank version of the top guy (muscular one)?
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whats here is all I have, unless you mean the HK template, then thats here somewhere.
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I'll post my unused resources here, free to use on free games for commercial use contact me.

A char template I'm working on, roughly XP size but more chibi-esque. Have a 6 frame walk, run, and dash cycle but i'm not sure if I'll post it yet.

[Image: Test4frame.png]

RMXP dance template

[Image: dance.png]

Dance floor animated autotile

[Image: dancefloor.png]

Water tile, 32x32, think the other frames animated but I can't remember how of if they flow right, ended up making a different style of water.

[Image: darkerpalette_zpsd92d36c9.png]
[Image: shallowwaterpalette_zps6def9b40.png]
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