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 Hexmaster's Wish


Not only a few people have ever searched for the legendary Philosopher's Stone, which conception is normally credited to the great mage Merlin Ambrosius just to become target of disappointment, deceits, hopelessness and even the end of their days on the planet (it's not Earth as we know it). Nevertheless, several young men and women, who haven't meet each other in their lifetimes and know nothing about their goals have already taken the decision to risk everything for their people's or even their own's sake. The curious thing about this would be that only one of them really needs the stone for personal and magical purposes and people is uncertain regarding his or her allegiance. Is he or she an ally or an enemy? Or does it even involve the kingdom or the world as they know it?

In 1340, just a week after the spring showed up once again, the young Count Nil of Bergama launches his own assault or even an anti-magical crusade against several mage and witch orders. He leads the attacks with some help from two of his loyal warlords, the captains of the Army of the Two Columns of Justice, Maurus the Chopper and Silvius the Bomber. The chief priest assistant of the Bergama division of the Sacred Order of the Solace Wind Spirit also joins the party full of religious fervor. All 4 leaders keep marching towards the Northeast while gathering intel regarding great mana sources and the plausible whereabouts of the Philosopher's Stone, they also anihilate as many mages and witches that crosses paths with them as possible. While on journey the count learns about the Marquise Breil of Talid's arrival to the capital city of Bergama but nobody knows for sure what are the ulterior motives of the beautiful noblewoman's visit.

On their way to the Northeast, captain Maurus takes advantage of the meantime to visit the surroundings to gather information on the military master of his master's fate, the legendary Leonidas the Pacient; he needs to ask for his advise concerning some events of the Marmara Sea War at the time where no Strait of Bosphorus existed. People say that the old master is one of the few survivors of the cruel battles of ancient times. The captain has had several nightmares related to those events and even started thinking that history will repeat itself at a point where Count Nil's army might not have won the anti-magical crusade, yet. He thinks that hopefully he will find a legendary weapon before all the savage and bloody fights at the strait even take place. Nonetheless, nobody is certain on what kind of weapon is it so things get rather complicated.

Count Nil is aware of his captain's personal side quests thanks to third party informants, but he hasn't uttered a single word on this regard. He preferred to keep waiting till the day comes when all of the Chopper's efforts bring him some good news. On the other side the nobleman has already learned about Sneak the Infiltrator's not-so-heroic feats and also pretends to send some spies to the royal city to infiltrate King Vith II's court and buy a few ministers. He is convinced of the fact that nothing should ever block his path to the throne so he doesn't care about where the (weird) ideas come from as long as they make his dream (and his dream only) come true.
At this point the player may switch from Count Nil's party to the spy team located at the capital city.



There's not enough information about Count Nil of Bergama's daughter Lira's "accidental" death but his subjects know for sure that the countess hasn't been seen in long time in any of the public events or at the Count's balls and parties or even at the palace. People say his palace is quite dangerous and Death itself shows up in the corridors as the count's kind and helpful butler with a fake smile. Some of them heard the count talking to someone about being against witchcraft and his urgent need for anihilating all mages and witches just because they're polluting the air he's breathing on a daily basis. Some scholars from different regions may believe that he pretends to destroy everything related to the Philosopher's Stone as an excuse to claim the right to become King Vith II's crown heir, especially since the King has no heir of his own albeit the fact that he has ruled the land for many decades. He might think that getting rid of the destructive influence of all magic and superstition the world will be free to prosper once again but he might have other plans as well...


The Marquise Breil of Talid, a manipulative and unusual jewel and power hungry woman, pretends to find Sneak the Infiltrator so he will work for her in exchange for nothing, well, she could still offer him to gather intel on the vision she had at the Gate of Eumenes in Bergama. If such a proposal doesn't make him change his mind she could also risk her position as a noblewoman and one of the King's advisors by giving Sneak a chance to ambush Count Nil in his own domains insofar she's able to collect some artifacts and special jewels that could help them both get rid of the count once and for all.

As of now the marquise has neither confirmed nor denied that she has any special interest in the Philosopher's Stone. Nobody has proven that something really happened at the ancient Gate of Eumenes as she might claim, there was no eye or ear-witnesses and not a single person has ever noticed any change on her normal behavior. She might be interested in the mystic arts.


A 19-year old and very bold guy who's always looking for new adventures and taking unnecesary risks just because, is a well-known man basically because of his abilities as spy and an infiltrator, he sneaked in several important organizations. He still holds a grudge due to his father passing away alongside a colleague during what he thinks it was a stupid and plain simple spy mission in some distant kingdom. This has become one of his personal motives to surpass all human limits as a spy and escapee.

He's currently gathering information concerning the Keeper of the Gate of The Collision of Time and Space in order to reach the long lost Exe dimension. Sneak might think that there's a connection between the Philosopher's Stone and the dimension so he won't stop looking for the stone or any good replacement that might make his life a little easier than it is now.

Sneak is a guy that will never feel satisfied till the day nobody prevents him from trespassing any building, organization or country security measures or systems. People who know him well say that he doesn't feel very self-confident as of now due to the fact that he blames Count Nil for his daughter's death and he hasn't overcome his intense desire for revenge because he doesn't let his former girlfriend's spirit follow the path of the light to the next plane of existence before he sets the score with the count.


There's a 24-year old mage apprentice nicknamed Snuffy, who sooner or later should succeed his ancestor as the next Great Master of the Black Order on the Ancients, he's a guy who knows well what his role for the next couple of centuries is supposed to be but he is in refusal and wants to fight against his own "fate". He pretends to use the legendary stone to stop his ancestor from ever dying, or just in case that turns out to be impossible even for the Philosopher's Stone, he will try to delay his death by stopping the normal flow of the river of time itself indefinitely. In fact he's conscious of the disasters that such a feat would bring to the world's natural balance. Nevertheless, he thinks it's the best course of action since the other solution would be to let the world meet its own destruction the day he becomes his order's next Great Master as some almost unknown legend clearly has forseen centuries ago.

Snuffy will do whatever there is to avoid become the world's greatest enemy aka the Dark Flame of Tusk but everything could go wrong at the very moment he hesitates. There are several rival factions that plan to make sure he becomes their new master while others either want to find a "better" replacement or just want to see him dying at their feet. Some people accused him of being a traitor for trading some of the ancient order's knowledge to unauthorized individuals and organizations or even selling his very soul to some of the dark beings they've been fighting ever since they founded the order. Anyway, the biggest issue he has to deal with is his own ancestor's health, he's losing his powers and his influence over the order leading the whole organization to confusion and desperation placing the future of all races at stake.
"For God has not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ," 1 Thessalonians 5:9


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