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 H-Mode7 maps in RMVX Ace
Importing H-Mode7 maps in RMVX Ace
Version : 1.1
H-Mode7 Engine Version : 1.4.4

This system allows you to import H-Mode7 maps created with RMXP directly in a RMVX Ace project.

- H-Mode7 v.1.4.4 for RPG Maker XP

Normally, RMVX Ace runs at 60 FPS. That means potentially more lag.
If you experience lag, try and unckeck the "Reduce screen flickering" flag (F1). This may help.

The script is only available by downloading the demo (as it requires a DLL and an executable).

[Image: 1deed90e5760bcce68192e8264334ceb1eff30e8...9ad16g.jpg]

Exporter + DEMO


Only the three layers and the tileset will be imported from RMXP. Events and maps properties shall be set in RMVX Ace.

To begin with, you must have a RMXP project with H-Mode7 maps (events are useless here).
You must also have a RMVX Ace project that includes the H-Mode7 scripts for VXA + the DLL (see demo).

The exporter : HM7_Exporter_Ace.exe

[Image: de0bc8bd46b2a719555b6606c3930a9f7c476d04...1fca6g.jpg]

1 : RMXP project with HM7 maps
2 : Here are listed HM7 maps found in the selected RMXP project
3 : RMVXA project in which HM7 maps will be imported
4 : Here are listed HM7 maps already imported in the selected RMVXA project
5 : click here to import selected HM7 maps in the RMVXA project (make sure that the RMVXA project is CLOSED first)

When exporting a RMXP map :
- if the map name strictly matches an existing RMVXA map name, then the map is updated (only the layers, it doesn't erase your events).
- if not, a new RMVXA map with the exported map name is created : you will have a new MapXXX.rvdata2 file in your Data folder, plus a MapXXX_HM7.rvdata2 file. The MapInfos.rvdata2 file is also updated.
- tilesets, autotiles, heightmaps and textures that are used in the map are copied
- a picture of the map is created and copied to the "HM7_Maps" folder at the root of your project.

Imported HM7 maps in RMVXA are displayed in the editor as empty.
To help you placing events, you can use the pictures located in the "HM7_Maps" folder as parallaxes in the editor (that's their purpose).
You should remove these pictures when your map is finished, because they may be big and they are completely useless for the script.

Passabilities & Vehicles

Passabilities must be set in the RMXP editor, using the "Passage (4 Dir)" option in the tilesets settings.
At the end of the part, you'll find :
# Vehicles
# RMXP terrain tag : Passable by boat
# RMXP terrain tag : Passable by ship
# RMXP terrain tag : Airship cannot land (it cannot land on non passable tiles)
These 3 terrain tags are used to handle vehicles passabilities. They must be sent in the RMXP editor.
For the map in the demo, I set the terrain tag value of the water tile to 1, so even if it's normally impassable, a ship can move on this tile. I also set the trees and houses tiles to 3, so the airship cannot land (but the player can still walk on those tiles).

- vgvgf for his rewritten Table class
Some scripts :
Working on :
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Awesome work !
See you soon on Funkywork?
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HI! i want to put a panorama in the map, but don't work because the map is below the panorama :S
can you help me please? i really like to work with vx ace :D thanks!
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hi man , i need you help , beacuse , in my game i want use animations , but the message with error, i donĀ“t fix this,i try , pleases help me man
i beg you!!! sorry but my ingles this horrible , kkkkkk
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best way I have learned is to implement the H-Mode 7 animation bug pathc for the RMXP version of H-Mode 7... Other than that, find MGC and ask him about it....

@mekrod - You have to manually change the panorama.z - However, remember that the panorama.z won't be Mode 7, it will be a flat background, like a sky or horizon. So you will also have to edit the panorama to not scroll - panorama.ox when a person goes left or right, but just when their theta is less or more for the skybox experience.
[Image: yy7iKKb.png]

Currently working on Goblin Gulch (MV)
Currently working on JayVinci Resurrection
Currently working on Bakin ABS (BAKIN)
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I always don't like a RMVXACE resolution so I made a 640x480 version of this engine to RMVXACE.

[Image: CNiXo4D.png]

And I have 1 problem - why a "pivot" (set, to and increase) not work in this version? Maybe someone can repair this, I tried but lost.
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