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center character frames
I don't know if this goes here but, anyway, how do I calculate the distance from each frame of a character walking animation? I mean, how much transparent space do I have to leave to have a well centered walking/running animation?... (this might sound noob, I know...)
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Which software? Usually it's multiples of 16, so 16 or 32 should be about right for the tile size. I think characters take up the same space though I may be wrong.
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photoshop. the problem is that my character uses a special template I made, and now I can't center the animation xD
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Sorry, I meant which -game making- software. :)
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rpg maker XP is the one I'm working on but Im using more-than 4 frames characters... xD what a mess I have...
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Damn. :P
I guess it might come down to trial and error. Put a dot at fixed intervals - a fixed amount of space between each one - and see if they move at all when animated. If they don't then they're right in the middle. That will help you find the central point from which you can create a shape to fit within the boundaries.
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(04-28-2013, 02:51 PM)BlackCatSG Wrote: rpg maker XP is the one I'm working on but Im using more-than 4 frames characters... xD what a mess I have...
As RPGMaker XP uses only 4 frames of animation at a time, you would need a script to allow you to go beyond that... to six, eight, or whatever. You do have a 'frames' script, right? We have some in the scripts databse board.

Oh... moving to General Support as this is a general game-making topic. No worries. Winking
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thanks for moving the thread. as I said, I wasn't sure where to put it.
and yes, I have a script that allows me to use "x" number of frames in any evet/character... not sure if the best but it works and that's what I need xD
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not sure if it helps, but I put all of my frames in one file, 32x64 or whatever to get them how I need. then make a new file with however many frames x width, ditto for height. set snap to grid. then you should be able to copy your template layers into a template sheet correctly.
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do you have a grid set up? what version of photoshop are you using?
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