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 Help with Change Party Order script
That is not even CLOSE to what this script does. It lets you press a button and shift the 4th party member to the 1st position, the 3rd to the 4th, and so on.
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In essence, VEE-Chary's request was to add a switch to Modern Algebra's script which lets one cycle forward and backward through their current party with the same [Q][W] keys that you would use in the Item and Skill menus. At no point does the party actually lose a member but sorts them to change the party leader. This is different than a 'character select'-type menu as it is a menu itself where you change party members.
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Precisely, your example involves changing one party member for another (the ghost idea is kind of cool). I have, in fact, done something similar with events.

What I was going for is, like DerVVUlfman said above, switching the order of party members. I'm using an ABS so you have to switch the leading position to, say, a character who knows a water spell to douse a fire, or one that wields sharp weapons to cut ropes, etc.

My problem with the script was it gave players no restriction on when to switch members. If you're making a scripted cutscene and players can still switch party members around, it becomes a mess.

Anyway, there's no way to do that with common events that doesn't fill up your variable count and/or gives you a headache.
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