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[WIP] Lost Ages Model Reskinning thread
As you may or amy not know, while I sort out a few things, I'm working on a side project called Lost Days, a 3d FPS, I get a ton of free resources from a commnity related to the engine, so I decided to work on skinning some of the models to better suit the mood of the game. I wanted to go ahead and post some of my model reskins, in case anyone still messes around with FPS Creator. I want to talk to DerVVulfman about seeing about making an FPS Creator thread too.

Anyway, starting with the next post.

[Image: junkyardcog2_zps82b7494e.png]

Geared up with Tin and Sheet metal armor, the Junkyard Cog is a brute guardian for certain salvagers, but can be programmed for all sorts of brute tasks, like pummeling rival clans, bouncers at cantinas, and more. With only the most basic of sentience, the Junkyard Cog isn't much for talking... he lets his iron fists do his communication for him.
[Image: ryx1MA.png]
ITCH: RedJesterGames

Currently working on Tilemorphs Vol. 1 The Great Forest...
Upcoming projects:
Plants Forever: Flora Mod for Tilemorphs vol. 1: Great Forest

Tilemorphs vol. 2: Fieldstone and Fold
Tilemorphs vol. 3: The Urbane
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