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Photography Thread
Photography Thread

This thread is related to all things photography. Photography, the art of taking pictures, is often overlooked by many. Little do many people know, photography is a serious job that requires a lot of time and patience. It also requires a keen eye for detail and a overall sense of fashion along with an immense amount of creativity. Photography isn't as simple as going out and taking pictures, there are things such as leading lines, P.O.V., colors, backdrop, angle, filters, ect.

Any pictures you have taken for artisitic purposes should be posted here. In this thread, we will critique your photography and help you with certain aspects of it as well. Those who are willing to learn are encouraged to got out and take some pictures as well. Please, no photoshopped images. o:
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Here are a few of my photos, even though you really imposed this on me with what you wrote above, lol. ^_^

[Image: Flowers_by_computerwizoo7.png]

[Image: Flower_by_computerwizoo7.jpg]

[Image: Photo_by_computerwizoo7.png]
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I would do this but I edit my photoshop a little before posting them. They need some brightness and contrast changes.
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I added a rule of no photoshopping. o:
Photoshopping is not for this thread, this is pure photography. o:
Though, that does give me an idea. o:
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I have a lot of photos, so I'll just post the ones I like the best here. You can take a look at the rest in my Photobucket album if you're interested. ^_^

Breaking Through
Cloudy Sunset
Coming Down
Gentle Sunset
Pink Flowers
Tree Shadows
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1) While the first one is good, there really isnt anything going on persay. The sun doesnt add any special meaning to the photo.
2) I like the clouds and how the sweep towards you. The angle is nice as well. The contrast between the sky and land is right on.
3)It would of been better if the trees were sharper in my opinion, though I do like the effec itself.
4) The shadows are nice but the sun is way too overpowering in this shot, and sort of ruins the effect.
5)This one would of been better of it wasnt so broad. You should of focused in more and get one or two trees.
6)Its a nice picture, but again it would of been better if you focused in on one, specially the way left one.
7)I like this one. You have nice leading lines and it is very clear. The colors are beautiful as well.
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well i really like your photos!
it seems you have quite an expensive camera!

That sort of critique is very unuseful to the poster. - PK8
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@Guardian I like all the sunset and sunrise pictures , it looks like you put alot of tie into getting them but the first is a bit bland and the sixth i dont like just because i dont really like flowers .
@computerwizoo7 om you dont have to have a expensive camera to have nice shots and pictures it takes skill
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