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 BlueSkies (COMPLETE)
[Image: mjeoyOs.jpg]

[Image: s7lk0CF.png]
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[Image: JFuNQ6t.png]
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[Image: 7WO3lLh.png]
1. Shuya's 3D model art

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2.  Mirpono 's Very cute Sky fanart!
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3. Game Character Map (Huge image)
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Pictures used: Gozaru, Chaos-portal, Shuya's 3D melyra art.

  • Gozaru for the facesets
  • for the midi's I used ingame
  • MetalRenard for helping me with my writing
  • Lightness for a minor face recolor edit
  • VIPRPG for the costum RTP based charsets

  • Fun and colorful story, dialogues and characters.
  • Immersive soul capturing plot events.
  • Decent Battle difficulties, beginner friendly, as well as
          interactive enough for expert gamers.
  • Side quests and hidden quests that allows you to
  • acquire items, money or even summons!!
  • Nostalgic RPG music for your ears' memoirs.
  • Puzzles with a mix of poetic riddles to ignite that curiousity!
  • Explore the fantasy world of Vyen, the continents.. and learn their mysteries!

[Image: 2FYc3O4.png]
It is really one of my goals to make this an emotionally driven RPG that is both soulful and meaningful. I want to give that feeling from before when we started playing RPG games in our childhood such as the Final Fantasy series. The vibe those games gave where it is fun not only game-play wise, but also story-wise.

Creating a story that is involving for the players as you lost yourselves, fully immersing within a rich fantasy world.

Riding this story which is intended to bring about childhood nostalgia and feelings of love for such games and it's simplicity. I hope that I have given you all an RPG that you can enjoy as my goals dictate.

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The way your history/universe section is written says a lot about your story telling - your choice of words is very interesting and I think you've used a thesaurus or re-written it a few times. I wonder how much work you put into HOW you tell the story, not just the ideas for the story themselves. From this, I would say you've worked hard...
However, on the opposing end of the spectrum, I find your occasional grammatical errors and spelling mistakes troubling as these two aspects of your writing give me completely opposite opinions of your ability.

So which is it? :P
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Hello MetalRenard!! and thanks so much for your feedback regarding my story and writing! I really appreciate it! but I would love to know which parts of my writing had grammatical or spelling errors just so I may change them asap and learn from it!! Thankyou so much XD


I have edited the history and story now!! I hope some grammar and spelling errors have been corrected, though I am not quite sure yet! xD
Check out my Projects!! :)
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Hehe ok here you go:

Long after the universe was created, it was expanded by a supreme being, unknown. Worlds within worlds formed as thousands of galaxies took shape. Within this vastness, a very beautiful world was created; a virgin paradise pulsating the light of innocence as it unfolded before the stars. Planet "Vyen" is a pure world filled with the mysteries of serenity and complete harmony. As humanity and life formed, they began to spread and multiply. It was all light, beauty and pure... until man began to expand their awareness, their knowledge.

Though some ascended to a higher form of conscious thought; using their knowledge for the betterment of oneself and finding peace within; others have fallen into the abyss of greed and corruption leading to a desire and thirst for power, giving birth to evil as we know it. By then, the once pure world was tainted. Wars have been sought, and leaders entered bloody battles to divide and conquer.

Celestial beings neighboring the planet were worried, for, if humanity were to destroy itself, the balance of the universe would be affected greatly. The Celestial beings then visited the planet in the form of man, trying to make a change. However, all was too late as the only glimmering hope the Celestials were clinging to, was Love. A bond which connects two completely different bodies, two completely opposing forces.

As they held this new found hope in their hands, a new horizon was born... For now.

Notes: The writing is already really good, as I said. I feel you have a mature voice in the way you express the plot. What I changed is merely grammatical, except for one point, the formatting. It made sense to put it as 4 paragraphs. Each paragraph has its own theme and idea and the final line, separated that way, is more impactful. Also, the over-use of ellipses ("...") makes them lose their effect and should generally be replaced with standard punctuation where possible.

Just so you know, I'm a languages teacher and lyricist (I write lyrics for my music). Sorry if I offend you at all, I just think you have a lot of potential as a writer and I want to contribute by nudging you in the right direction! Please tell me to stop if I'm annoying you at all.
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Wow, thanks so much MetalRenard!! I really appreciate the way you had to edit through it all!! Thanks so much, this helped a lot and I learned new things in my writing! :D yes, the separate paragraphs made a lot of sense xDD

And please do not stress yourself, you do not annoy nor offend me at all, in-fact I'm really thankful for this! a help from a language teacher and lyricist such as yourself is highly appreciated! :D

If you do not mind, I will use your edit for my history/universe section! of course, I shall credit you! I will do my best to keep in mind what I have learned here :D
Check out my Projects!! :)
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Hello all!! Finally a very long demo for BlueSkies is now up!! Version 1.5
Note: if you have a save from previous versions, just copy your save file (.lsd files) to version 0.5 folder.

I hope you guys enjoy it!!  
Check out my Projects!! :)
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I just finished a new demo!! Version 1.5!!
Note: This time though, I suggest not to use your old save anymore and start from the beginning, I'm sorry for the inconvenience but there has been alot of changes in the game, especially the way Skye interacts in battle, the system and etc. 

Here are the features in the new demo:
- Skye can no longer attack and has 0 attack. (His attack command is removed, he is purely a healer now, you can simply use the skill "Relax" to pass the turn) 
- New simple RTP windowskins and fonts
- Some minor bug fixes involving the maps.
- Balancing the power of healing. Potions and Skye's healing abilities recovers more health now.
- Many of the characters' skill progression have been changed dramatically
- Of course, as a new version of the demo: New maps, dungeons and heart-digging plot-events to immerse into..

These are the changes made compared to the old demo.. I do hope that those who've played the game in it's older versions understand why you need to go back in the beginning of the game.. it's just to avoid bugs or crashes. xDD While I always do hope that everyone enjoys as they try this new demo.  
Check out my Projects!! :)
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UPDATE!! No new demo this time, BUT!!

I am proud to announce that I am almost done with the game, let's say 85% done!! and I will soon release the FULL complete version of BlueSkies!! Thank God!  

For now, I wanna leave some screenies featuring a new gameplay flavor... SUMMONS!!
[Image: JFsunfA.png]
[Image: Fa8c0D5.png]
Check out my Projects!! :)
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UPDATE!! The moment that I've always longed for is here!!! XDD

BlueSkies is finally complete!!! XDD yes!! COMPLETE!! XDD I've done a long test run with the full version, and so far I haven't found any bugs (hopefully there really aren't any bugs)!! though i still haven't tried using a save file from 1.5 to the full version.. xD

Firstly, I have God to thank for making this possible for me, It really warms my heart to be able to finish my very first RPG maker game, which was made with RPG maker 2003, my very first RPG maker engine!! It was very tough for me learning how the events, switches, variables and etc. worked!! but through it all, I did my best to learn patiently, and in God's mercy, BlueSkies Full version was the result! xDD I've put heart and soul into the story, world and characters of BlueSkies!! that is why, I do hope you all enjoy the game as I did creating it!  Now, I wish to thank everyone who've tried my previous demos and been there to give their feedbacks, suggestions and comments, they all mean a lot to me, and without you all, this full version wouldn't be as it is now!!  

And TA-DAH!! the download!!:
BlueSkies FULL
(the whole game has an estimated gameplay time of 7-9 hours.)

I hope you all enjoy!!  May the BlueSkies above you fill your day with joy!
Check out my Projects!! :)
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Great job at finishing your game! It shows great dedication to bring something to completion! Can't wait to see what you are going to work on next :)
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