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 BlueSkies (COMPLETE)
Hey well done on completing your first game, I bet it feels amazing. :3 It did for me.
I hope you get some great feedback!
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@thephantom: Thankyou so much thephantom! your support is always appreciated! :D xD I'm currently working on an RMXP game this time, I'm still trying to figure out how the whole scripting system works :)

@MetalRenard - Thanks so much MetalRenard as always :D Yes it did feel really amazing seeing your own fantasy world come to life in an RPG game! xDD I sure wish I'd get some feedback soon and hear what others has to say ;)
Check out my Projects!! :)
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Hello guys!! it's been awhile since the release of Blue Skies in it's complete version!! 

and for that, I created a huge character map of the entire game!! this character map involves all of the important characters, their affiliated kingdoms/towns and their connections with each other.. I hope you guys enjoy learning more about their relations as you play the game!!   and to those who have already played the game, a feedback and comment would be much appreciated!!  

Here's the huge character map:
Pictures used: Gozaru, Chaos-portal, Shuya's 3D melyra art.
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Hi everyone, I'm just really happy to show to you guys a very cute fanart os SKye made by Mirpono. ^_^

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Hi everyone! I just wish to share this amazing new BlueSkies poster I made with the help of Leonardo A.I. art generator! :D <3 Photoshopped and put together by me. <3 In celebration of my first ever RPG maker game BlueSkies. All lessons I've learned from this game, mistakes, the joy of completing a game, and more. <3 Hope you enjoy! ^_^

You can get the full large image here:

[Image: mjeoyOs.jpg]
Check out my Projects!! :)
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