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I added an Item Shop in the Hunter's base.
I also added a small amount of NPCs to the game as well.
I am also in the process of adding an additional bit to the beginning story, which can be started if certain conditions are met in the game, as well as the main map(s) getting developed.
[Another Update]

I extended a beginning cutscene with a flashback.


This flashback shows Akiko's employment to the Hunters in the Suri Branch.

I also added BGM. However, I'm currently using the RTP BGM. I will maybe go music hunting sometime after, but for now I'll be using the RTP music until further notice.
I'm adding more in terms of extended beginning portion. As it is right now, after a certain condition is met, you will be doing the extra bit of the beginning portion.

I added another flashback there too. However, I am still in the midst of getting that extra bit done.

.... I'm also music resource hunting too... and that's pretty much it for this update.
Due to not being able to continue game development, for now, I have started drawing concepts. I haven't drawn in a long time, and I was bad at it before, but I'm willing to give it another go. Starting with a couple of weapons.
This is technically out of the blue, but I've been planning this project to go from a lot of demos to an early access kind of thing, similar to some games on Steam which this idea came from. I won't do it now, mainly because of internet hotspot and not on a PC, but I will soon, or at that time I may finish it by the time I get internet at home. But there are a couple of changes I am going to note.

As of now, the game world shares with my younger brother's world where his story takes place. Memorie takes place on the other side of that world, however rumors are happening too. A couple of new Abilities have been added to the game, more to come later. All that in an earlier backup, so a couple of things have been lost, but the game grew bigger.
I've added a bit more, mainly for the story to progress. I've also gave Kita, the character in the game, a child sprite... But I had to improvise on the clothing since I can't find any child clothes, nor am I good at making sprites. I've also am trying to go to and from the point of views of Akiko and Kita, that way one isn't left out much in the dark for too long.

Coming very soon, probably on Monday.
Hey everyone, I'm happy to announce that the Early Access version, that was teased by the last post, is now up. the link is on the first post. I'll link it here too just in case.!XllB3JpA!-Fmy4O4l8p4dV...EQCIEXPa7Q

Also here's another video showing a part in the game.


This man looks like he's important. He has a name box in the text box.
Here's a teeny tiny little update list.

1. Matsuko uses orignal Abilities rather than RTP moves
2. The tournament can be delayed, on third round, If you want to do Matsuko's part of a split up first.
3. Some new Abilities

That's pretty much it.

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