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[Image: attachment.php?aid=1173]

I got to be honest, I was a little bit hesitant with posting this here, as I started this back in 2011, and submitted it to this site here, on an old account I had in that site, at the time (I still use that account):, then revealed it on my Youtube channel years later.

But I think I better get to it now, than never, so I will be doing both this one, and Area 99 as well. I'll switch in between projects on a daily basis.  Though this one got Years of a head start, then I decided to start over due to some... things. Also this means that I'm going to be putting a lot of effort to get this and Area 99 done.

Memorie takes place in a modern fantasy world full of monsters, supernaturals, magic, and science.  In this world, the balance between humans and the monsters/supernaturals is kept by an organization of Hunters (think cops, only they kill the hostiles, except humans of course).

The story starts with Akiko, who is in search of her (adopted) younger sister named Kita. Akiko currently searches for Kita day in and day out, even during her duties as a Hunter. However, there's more to this than a normal kidnapping from nine years in her past.


One of the latest generation of the Tsubaki family, though by name only. Akiko is quite serious, though a bit laid back. She had recovered a full year in a hospital as a child, and trained with a nameless assassin upon growing up. She also joined the Hunters a few weeks after, in hopes of finding her lost (adopted) little sister, Kita. However, it's more than just a search and rescue for her.

Akiko's technique is consists of a style where Akiko has the blade of her dagger pointing in the opposite direction. However, upon learning with her mentory, she's able to use moves that consist of her dagger's blade pointing in the foreward direction. She is able to mix and match.... Also she's able to use pistols because of her training as a Hunter. She prefers daggers for combat, but can pull out a pistol, or two, for those hard to reach enemies.

Age: 16 (In the beginning of the game, she's a child, so about 12 years old(?) at that part. After the child part she's about 13 years old when she's training with her mentor.) (Becomes 17 years old at the end of the story)
Likes: Daggers, Ninjas, Fighting games (That does not rely on DLC), Anime, Action films
Dislikes: Predatory DLC and Microtransactions (Video Games), Rap music, Mathematics (with a passion), a couple of RWBY characters (Ozpin and Cinder apparently).

Originally one of the latest generation of the Karatina family, but had been adopted by Akiko's family. So she's kind of both. Her current whereabouts are unknown, but rumor states a red haired child is with one of the government officials of the Arc Empire.
She is a kind and innocent little girl, with powers no one knows about. In terms of her magic powers, she just knows how to cast fireballs. Kita doesn't want to fight anybody, but if she's backed into a situation where she has to... she fights, but later regrets it. Poor girl.

Sadly, she doesn't know any of her biological parents. However, no one asked. But records show that Kita's biological mother had died of childbirth.

Age: 11
Likes: Hatsune Miku, Anime (She gets inspired with some inspirational quotes from good characters.), Anime music, retro video games (Super Mario World for example), Cute anime characters, being around those whom she cares about
Dislikes: -Currently unknown at this time-

The boss of the Hunters in the Suri Branch. Although rarely shown as a great leader, Cid likes to goof up sometimes. His RPG was named after a japanese sword.

The supporter of the Hunters of the Suri Branch, and Cid's right hand man and best friend. Uses a Japanese sword. Kind hearted, and nice to his fellow co-workers, and his friends, Kado will be there to help anyone.

A Hunter who died on her 9th day as a recruit. Kado has told stories of her to his supporters, to see if they won't make any same mistakes as Midori did. Kado states that she had used only pistols and had a special power, the currently named "Accurate Eyes", which helped her with her accuracy for critical points.

An angel from a mysterious heavenly place called Memorie, which in legends was called the Field of Memories. She decided to have Akiko branded by her in order to help her save Akiko's little (adopted) sister, Kita. She has plans for Akiko's success.

Akiko's childhood friend from a hospital they were recovering in. Emil's an agent from an agency, that works on peacekeeping around the globe. Her dream, while being an agent, is to be a Hero of Justice. When she was young, she had lost her mother, and her father had been nowhere to be found. In the agency she works at, she's what is called a "Newtype Agent", or an agent that can use a special device instead of carrying the needed gadgets or weapon. This device would let her materialize anything she needs to get her job done. She also, at times, disobeys her superiors' orders to help them out if she thinks whatever they are going toward would kill them.

[Image: don-t-mess-with-it_orig.png]

[Image: a-thief-s-explanation_orig.png]
These two screenshots are of my most recent progress.

That's pretty much it, though I think I (might) need some help on a few things, such as character portraits (which match the character graphic and possibly the personality of the character), music (mainly or else I'll be using RPG Maker XP's RTP instead), and maybe some mapping tips.  Well, I think That's pretty much it.
Fun Fact
Akiko's character graphic was requested on RPG RPG Revolution, when it was up at the time.  Since then I've been using it, though I edited it a small bit (changed the eye color, made her hair color and her hat bloom out a little, and gave her some boots.... they were supposed to be combat boots but oh well). I also used the CharGen Extended, however I only edited the saturatiion and brightness of the colors mainly.  I also went to various sites and gotten some scripts, so I will have A LOT to credit on possibly when this finally finishes, if I can remember all of them.

Attached Files
.png   Game Title.png (Size: 26.9 KB / Downloads: 99)
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.png   Something valuable this way comes.png (Size: 20.31 KB / Downloads: 14)

Hmmm... Wonder what this could be used for.... find out next update.
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This item right here...

.png   Something valuable this way comes.png (Size: 20.31 KB / Downloads: 6)

... is a material item for item crafting and weapon element upgrades. However, as of right now, I have no way to make that happen at the moment, but I can make the materials ahead of time. Right now I have added both Red Herb and Green Herb materials in the Items list, with many more to be added later on. For now these material items are just dust collectors until further notice.

In another update, I made progress in story progression a little bit, and decided to add something special.

.png   Dynamic event.png (Size: 45.24 KB / Downloads: 12)

This is a dynamic event, where two characters (made by my younger and youngest brother back in 2011-2012), are from two different universes and are passing by the Memorie Universe to get back to their own respective worlds. They will have random jibber jabber and you will be able to move before they start talking. This is the only time these two characters will be characters as I have no plans to have them return unless they are having more talk later down the line. These two will also not join your party, but I have a plan to have these two characters playable in a portion of the game, but I won't spill the beans for that yet. More Dynamic Events to come during my time developing. For this Dynamic event, the two characters will have a random chance to speak one of three different dialogues, both going south and north from this bridge could have you catch all six different dialogues.

That just occurred to me in all honesty, and I thought it was a good idea. Maybe my younger brother will make a character reference of a character going back to his/her world once he sees this... maybe?

Okay, back to work.
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Here's a little tiny slice of the game.
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30 seconds in, and I like it.  Grinning 

Definitely puts mine to shame  Happy with a sweat 

I'll finish the video when it's not 3:30AM, thank you for posting this!  Blushing + Cheery
[Image: SP1-ResourceHunter.png]
[Image: SP1-Writer.png]
[Image: SP1-Director.png]

Destiny of End Thread:
Destiny of End Twitter:
Destiny of End Youtube: (Coming soon)
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Here's a tiny bit of an update. Before the halt, I was making a recommended "side trip", or in this case.... go back to areas you won't go back to for the rest of the game and pick up three thieves and bring them with you. Here's a screenshot.

[Image: C0V7CAHWEAAFt_B.jpg:large]

He won't be shown on the dot, but more like when you are doing this "side trip". This doesn't impact the story, but it is a bump in the road, so I thought I'd put it in the game.

Oddly enough, I used the same screenshot to announce the project on my newly made Twitter Account.
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I think I'm having waaaay too much fun with events.... I don't know why.

.png   Side Trip Teaser.png (Size: 87.23 KB / Downloads: 14)
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Well... That's out of the way, next is to continue to get up to that point. And beyond.
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I modified Kita's bio on the first post. More will be added for that later though, since I'm not finished revising her bio.

That and.....

.png   Route F's current look.png (Size: 173.72 KB / Downloads: 5)

... I ran out of ideas for the next map. The next map is supposed to be the last full Route, then a transition from that Route, to the destination for the beginning.
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New Screenshot!!!

[Image: Kados%20first%20request%20in%20the%20entire%20game.png]

I'm hard at work still. but I'll let you ponder this one. Soon, I'll be putting a demo up once this beginning segment of the game is done. However, I don't have any BGMs to use, except for the RTP ones, so there's no BGM at the moment.
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