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 Help needed with Atoa's CBS
So I'm using Atoa's CBS for my current RMXP project and for some reason I get this error sometimes. It says

"undefined method 'invisible' for and something I don't quite understand" I've never been great at scripting so if anyone can help me out in anyway, I'd be very thankful.

I've noticed that the error almost always pops up when an actor or enemy is attacking. Maybe it helps, I don't know. Thanks in advance!

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So.... are you using any other scripts?

My best guess is that you are using a script that rewrites the Game_Battler system's 'initialize' method. You see, within his system (or ACBS|Game_Battler), he adds new variables. And one of these new variables is the invisible value. It is referenced extensively within Scene_Battle itself and used by his Summon script.

So if you have a script that rewrites the Game_Battler system, it might be prudent to place it 'above' Victor's battlesystem here (Atoa is Victor Sant).
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Thanks, Dervv. I think the problem was that I wasn't using the ABS addon with the script. I noticed the error popped up anytime an actor or enemy attacked when another actor or enemy was already dead. I added the ABS addon and tried the script for a few hours with multiple enemies, troops, and party configurations, and the error hasn't popped up again, let's hope it stays that way!
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